Nick & Dean Reenacted Arie's 'Bachelor' Finale & Someone Should Get These Guys An Oscar

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Leon Bennett/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who is shining these guys' Oscars? Nick Viall and Dean Unglert reenacted Arie's Bachelor finale on Instagram, and it may be more entertaining than the drama-ridden episode itself. The internet is up in flames on Tuesday, March 6 after the first part of the season's finale aired on Monday night, when Arie dramatically dumped Becca for Lauren (after giving the final rose to Becca first). The shocking move has Twitter screaming, and in the meantime, it's bringing the best out of Bachelorette alums and their acting skills.

Nick and Dean are joined by Jared Haibon in the video. In the skit, Nick and Dean recap part one of the finale by playing Becca and Lauren (Nick) and Arie (Dean). Nick dresses in drag, dons multiples wigs, and shows off seriously committed, method-acting skills. Dean, rocking a silver-colored wig, is referred to as wearing the "Arie walk of shame/soccer dad look." The two portray Arie and Lauren's awkward tension and disconnect/conflict between Arie and Becca.

Lucky for fans, Nick's Instagram video is just a preview, made up of multiple IG Stories, of the full recap to come later Tuesday night. If audiences are really lucky, they'll get another video recap of Tuesday night's final episode, because they are loving what they're seeing so far.

Thanks to the video, fans are getting a bit of a reprieve from Monday night's drama. "THIS IS THE FUNNIEST SH*T IM SCREAMING," one fan wrote on Instagram. "Is there anything better than this in the world???" another commented. Other fans got a kick out of how "accurate" the portrayal was, especially the awkwardness between Arie and Lauren. Some are calling it like they see it. "It’d be even better if 2/3 of them weren’t f*ckboys too hahaha," someone wrote about Nick and his trio.

Bachelor Nation has become quite acquainted with this bunch. Nick was the Bachelor in Season 21 after becoming runner-up in two Bachelorette seasons. Dean was a contestant in Rachel Lindsay's recent season of The Bachelorette, and fans got familiar with Jared after he appeared in multiple seasons of Bachelor in Paradise. This group is definitely qualified when it comes to having Bachelor expertise.

Bachelors Arie and Nick have experienced some degree of tension in the past, at least on the internet. Since Nick was the Bachelor before Arie, the two are often compared to one another. For example, Arie's season reportedly dropped in ratings from Nick's (19 percent, according to SF Gate. Although both were 36 years old while on the show, that might have been the only thing they had in common. Arie made it clear how different he and Nick were, telling Entertainment Tonight in December, "I think we're just two completely different people, to be honest."

In January, Nick posted this photo of the two together with the poem: "Roses are red, your eyes are like SO blue, people wanted it to be Peter, but I believe in you." (Of course, Nick was referring to how fans originally thought Peter Kraus would be the next Bachelor.)

Whether fans hate to love or love to hate The Bachelor, Monday's finale has everyone talking. Fans are shocked, angry, disappointed, and also finding humor in the whole debacle. Some are rejoicing that the dull season finally served some drama, while others are still bored.

While some fans question if the events were a desperate reach for ratings, others are calling out the fact that Jason Mesnick pulled this move back in Season 13. (However, his wasn't caught on camera like Arie's was.)

On Tuesday night's final episode, fans will learn what Lauren decided. In the meantime, there's plenty of proof that suggests Arie and Lauren are together after all this time since the show was shot. Much of the proof consists of not-so-subtle posts on both of their Instagram and Twitter pages.

Whatever the outcome may be, Bachelor Nation better hope that Nick and his wigs aren't going away anytime soon.