Sasha Pieterse Is As Confused About This 'PLL' Mystery As You Are

Freeform/Eric McCandless

The Pretty Little Liars finale was filled with big reveals, but that doesn't mean all the questions have been answered. One dangling plot point is the ongoing confusion about how the PLL moms got out of the basement. And this one is so bad that even Alison DiLaurentis actor Sasha Pieterse is confused by the wine moms' escape. "My biggest question is how did the moms get out of the basement," she says when chatting with Bustle after the finale. "And I love the way they kind of made such a joke about it on the show. It was a really funny thing to see all the moms drunk again and laughing about it."

Apparently, Pieterse was so eager for answers that she even went straight to the source: PLL showrunner I. Marlene King. "I was talking to Marlene about it actually, and she was like, there's no good explanation and no way to tie in that would make instead," she explains. "So instead, they just made a joke about it."

As you may recall, back in Season 6, the Liars' moms have a casual wine night, until A (who was Charlotte at the time) locked them in the basement. Considering there's no phone service down there, no one really knows how they got out. But, during the series finale, Veronica Hastings jokes to Ella Montgomery and Ashley Marin, "Remember how we got out of the basement?" without ever mentioning how it happened.


This gaffe isn't the only time the PLL writers had to adapt. According to Pieterse, the same can be said for the time jump classroom scene. "They thought [the scene] was going to tie into Archer Dunhill, then they changed the storyline, so they had to figure out how to tie that up. Like where did that happen? How did we get there? So they made it Emily's dream."

But she doesn't discredit the writers; in fact, she believes the opposite. "The writers are always so amazing with that," Pieterse explains. "They're always keeping people on their toes and trying to figure things out and listen to fans, so the fans have always had been a big part of it."

Freeform/Byron Cohen

And further proving just how puzzling the series is (even for its own cast), my questions about the identities of Beach Hottie and the blonde girl in Jason's window in Season 1 result in some confusion before Pieterse settles on answers — and even then, she doesn't seem 100 percent definite.

"They all blur together," she says of the scenes. "I should probably actually binge our show to connect all of the dots. There's so many things we forget about... So many questions."

She laughs at that last part, but, of course, the biggest — and most unforgettable — question still remains: What about those wine moms?