'Housewives' Fans Will Love These Other Bravo Shows

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Are you a Real Housewives fan who, for one reason or another, has yet to check out the rest of Bravo’s lineup? Are you ready to fix that now? Are you ready to branch out and explore everything else the network has to offer? Good, great, grand. Please do just that. Sure, the Real Housewives franchise provides plenty of fantastic, iconic television, but those aren’t the only worthwhile reality shows on the channel. If you're a Real Housewives fan, you should watch these shows next.

As tempting as it is to just say, “Watch all of the Bravo reality shows, they’re all terrific in their own way,” this list is made up of programs that feel sort of Housewives-adjacent. For example, Top Chef is awesome and all, but that's a series for a totally different mood. Not a series for a "watching people yell about seating arrangements while wearing hilarious costumes" mood, you know?

Note: There aren’t any Real Housewives spinoffs in this roundup. That’s not to say those spinoffs aren’t worthwhile; Vanderpump Rules, for example, is hands-down one of the best TV shows of all time. But uhh, including RH offshoots seemed too easy. Another note: If you aren’t watching Pump Rules, please rent the entire series and let your life know it’s about to be changed. And one final note: If you have access to Bravo’s canceled programs, check out Blood, Sweat & Heels; Eat, Drink, Love; Gallery Girls; Kell on Earth; and Princesses: Long Island.

Alright, enough notes. If you dig Real Housewives, you will probably dig these ongoing Bravo shows, too.

1. Sweet Home Oklahoma

This series — which follows three longtime friends who live in the city of Nichols Hills — is charming, goofy, and heartwarming. If you’ve ever thought Real Housewives could use more harmless pranks, look no further than Sweet Home Oklahoma.

2. Invite Only Cabo

You know how the Real Housewives vacation episodes are always bonkers? Imagine an entire season of bonkers vacation episodes. On Invite Only Cabo, Larry Sims brings six of his friends to a spectacular house in Cabo San Lucas for nonstop shenanigans. The cast is fantastic, the premise is fantastic, and the show is fantastic.

3. Shahs Of Sunset

You haven’t lived until you’ve watched Asa Soltan create diamond-infused bottled water. No, that is not hyperbole.

4. Southern Charm

If you crave Real Housewives-level drama, Southern Charm will not let you down. Start with the first episode of Season 1, and let all of the mint julep-infused conflict wash over you.

5. Million Dollar Listing New York

Do you like to get lost in the aspirational elements of the RH franchise? Million Dollar Listing New York will speak to your heart. Also? Fredrik Eklund will be on an upcoming real estate show with Real Housewives of New York City’s Bethenny Frankel, so you might as well get to know him (and all of his high-kicks) before you tuck into that spinoff, too.

6. Married To Medicine

As the soap opera genre knows all too well, the world of medical professionals makes for good TV. And this show about a group of women who are either doctors or are married to doctors is really good TV.

7. Ladies Of London

So, it looks like Ladies of London hasn’t officially been picked up for Season 4 yet, but it better be (cross all of the fingers). The Ladies, the original music, the hats, the castles, the gift shop tea towel conflicts... everything about this show is perfect.

Happy Bravo-ing to you. May your heart and your DVR be full of these glorious reality shows.