Pat McGrath Just Launched $28 Eyeshadow Palettes


Pat McGrath and her eponymous brand are the tip of everyone's tongue lately. From launching a complexion range to creating her new Midnight Sun palette, the iconic makeup artist has had a lot of luxe releases in recent months. But now, Pat McGrath has $28 eyeshadow palettes, bringing her brand to a budget beauty consumer. If you've priced the brand's eyeshadows before, you'll know that the opportunity to snag McGrath's formula for just $28 is reason to celebrate.

According to beauty Instagram account @TrendMood1, Pat McGrath's new Eye Ecstasy: Eye Shadow Palette Mini launched at Sephora on Aug. 28. There are two new, affordable palettes that fans of McGraths work can choose from, but the best part is that both are only $28, a fraction of the cost of the brand's other eyeshadow palettes.

Each palette features five metallic finish shades, so you will likely need to use a companion palette if you want a matte transition shade. However, given the $28 price tag the new minis offer a unique opportunity to experiment with McGrath's formula before taking the plunge into purchasing one of her larger, $125 palettes.

While the palettes both retail for $28 and feature five shades, they do feature very different color stories. The Sublime palette offers fans a set of golden bronze hues, while the Subversive palette is perfect for lovers of bold jewel tones.

If you head to the Sephora website on your computer browser, you'll find the palettes, but what you won't find is an option to buy. The two new Pat McGarth palettes are Sephora app exclusives. If you want to shop the new affordable options form the makeup artist's brand, you'll need to download the Sephora app and purchase the palettes through your phone.

Sure, you may be thinking that $28 for a five-pan eyeshadow palette is still a lot of money when you break down the cost (it's a little over $5 per shadow). However, there's a reason why McGrath's luxury makeup line carries the price tag that it does, and much of it has to do with the artist herself.

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McGrath's career extends more than 20 years, and in that time, she's created runway makeup looks for fashion houses such as Gucci, Versace, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, and countless others. It's not just that you've seen her work on the runways, though, her brand has graced the faces of some of your favorite celebrities as well.

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Celebrity makeup artists utilized McGrath's products most recently on the MTV VMAs red carpet. According to Instagram stories reposted to McGrath's account, Missy Elliott's stunning purple shadow look was courtesy of the brand, and Cardi B's gorgeous winged liner was also thanks to a McGrath-created liner. If McGrath's incredible resume and background weren't enough to prove how splurge worthy her goods are, the use of her products on a red carpet might be. Did you see how gorgeous Missy and Cardi look?

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If you want to purchase Pat McGrath's new mini eyeshadow palettes for just $28, the products are available now on the Sephora app. With a price this low, it's the perfect time for budget shoppers to grab a little luxury for their collection.