Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Celebrated Her Birthday Together In SUCH A Romantic Way

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're still not convinced that Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are an official couple, this newest development of their courtship will prove you otherwise. According to People, Chopra and Jonas celebrated her birthday together in London on Wednesday, June 18. And the publication published several photos of the couple holding hands that will totally make you believe in love.

According to People, the two were seen leaving The Chiltern Firehouse in London on July 18, with their hands intertwined. Their romantic dinner date comes a couple days after the pair was spotted having a double-date with Jonas' older brother Joe Jonas and finance Sophie Turner. So yeah... things certainly seem to be getting a little serious.

The internet has been 'shipping Jonas and Chopra since the pair posed together on the 2017 Met Gala red carpet last May. But back then, these two were just pals. When asked about their Met Gala date, Chopra told Jimmy Kimmel in a 2017 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live that it was a last-minute, but fun experience with a friend. Chopra explained to Kimmel, "We were both wearing Ralph Lauren and we decided to go together. It was fun ... We were on the same table and we know each other, so we were like, 'Hey, you know what, let's go together.' And I was like 'OK, let's go together.' It ended up just working out."

Jonas addressed the 2017 Met Gala date with Chopra in a reported statement the Indo Asian News Service in December 2017: "[Chopra and I] met through a mutual friend, who she did Quantico with — this guy Graham — and we met up like, in New York the first time, and the same day I think we found out that we were both going to the Met Gala with Ralph Lauren."

But reports of the pair actually spending time together and taking their relationship to the next level didn't come until Jonas and Chopra were spotted out and about all over Los Angeles the following Spring 2018 — attending Beauty and the Beast Live at the Hollywood Bowl May 25, followed by a LA Dodger's game May 26. Chopra also reportedly attended the wedding of Jonas' cousin with him in June in Atlantic City, New Jersey, as reported by Us Weekly.

Since then, the couple have been keeping things under wraps, dropping subtle hints that they're into each other on both of their social media pages.

As if leaving cute comments under eachother's Instagram pictures, or sneaking the ever not-so-casual picture of one another in their Instagram stories weren't tell-tale signs already, the pair traveling all over the world together this past Summer should totally clue you in that something romantic is brewing — and it has continued to grow.

According to People, Jonas recently traveled with Chopra to India to meet her mom. Chopra recently told the publication the following about their trip to India: "We're getting to know each other and I think it was a great experience for him. I think he really enjoyed it. It was really beautiful. He had a great time." The People interview also confirmed that Nick met her mother during the trip.

The couple seemed to become "Instagram official" during the India trip, with Nick posted a video of Chopra with the caption "Her" along with the heart-eye emoji. Chopra and Jonas also reportedly attended the pre-wedding festivities of one of Chopra's friends while in India as well, as reported by E! Online.

Chopra accompanied Jonas to his concert date in Brazil, and the pair brought in the fourth of July with Jonas' family in New York. Oh, and you can't forget about the reports saying that Chopra rung in her 36th birthday with the entertainer by her side.