Questions To Ask Your Partner, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

by Isadora Baum, CHC

So, you're starting a relationship, and you're looking for ways to connect with your partner and learn more about his or her story. Turns out, your zodiac sign plays a part. There are questions to ask a partner based on zodiac sign that you can add to your list of subject matter at your next dinner together. Who knows, it might foster a deeper connection and make your relationship more meaningful, long-term.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on feeling more satisfied in their relationships and opening themselves up to love. When you're dating someone, it might take time to really harness that love and build trust; however, your zodiac sign might help in speeding things up. Here's the deal: You can actually learn a lot about your partner based on astrology, and so asking the right questions, at the start, can help you see whether there's opportunity for growth within the budding relationship. If there is, that's great, and if there's no room, it might be time to seek elsewhere. Either way, here are a few great questions to ask your partner based on his or her zodiac sign, as given by Joshua MacGuire, a professional psychic-astrologer and metaphysical life coach living in Los Angeles over email with Bustle. Plus, many of these questions are super interesting and make for a great conversation.

1. Aries

"Aries wants someone to think the world of them, and everyone else can go to hell," says MacGuire. Ask them who the first person was to adore them completely. Hearing their stories of people who have enjoyed their presence or are close in their circle could create a better connection.

2. Taurus

"Taurus is all about their values. Ask them about their priorities in life," says Macguire. For instance, do they care about status more than money, or work more than self-expression, etc., Macguire suggests. This will also make for a great conversation.

3. Gemini

"Gemini is the sign of the twins. Ask them about their very different sides," says Maguire. For instance, when are they happy versus sad usually, or what types of different personas they have (like one for work versus one for play on weekends), can be some great examples that you might want to hear.

4. Cancer

"Cancer is all about emotional security. Ask them what makes them feel secure, safe and at home," says Macguire. This could lead to discussing family, friends, career, and other warm, comforts that your partner appreciates and enjoys. Cancers are all about kindness in relationships, so the answers should be very sweet.

5. Leo

"Leo loves showing off. Ask them about the time in their life they were the most proud," says Maguire. Perhaps they were in school plays, or had achieved high marks in school. Whatever the story, it is bound to provide a few laughs and smiles and form a deeper connection.

6. Virgo

Your virgo partner might be a little tense and need some relaxation. "Virgos were born at a time when their parents weren't getting along, which makes them overcompensate and work extra hard. Ask them what makes them feel at ease to lighten their load," says Maguire.

7. Libra

This one could be great for creating true potential, as well as romance and balance in your relationship. "Partnership balances Libra," says Maguire. "Ask them about their best relationships, and what they appreciated most about the other person," Maguire recommends.

8. Scorpio

Everyone loves a good transformation story. "Scorpio has been through hell and back, which is why they're so unflappable. Ask them about the person they were before versus now, because they have definitely gone through transformations," says Maguire.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are bound to give some great adventure stories to inspire you. "Sagittarius loves adventure and to expand their mind," says Maguire, as well as being very sexual. "Ask them if they could visit any place in the world, where and why," says Maguire. This type of question also lets the mind wander and feel excitement, which can lead to greater conversation and connection.

10. Capricorn

"Capricorn is very much concerned with status and success," says Maguire. Luckily, the plus side is it can make them driven and powerful. "Ask them what they want to be known for -- what legacy they want to leave behind," suggests Maguire. This question is super meaningful, as well.

11. Aquarius

Here's where you can watch your partner physically light up, as aquarians are also known to need stimulation. "Aquarius sees themselves as special, and as the rarest zodiac sign, they are. Ask them what makes them feel like they're really shining," says Maguire. Those special qualities can help deepen your relationship and build love moving forward.

12. Pieces

Here's where it gets real. "Pisces is a sign of sacrifice. Ask them the sacrifices they've made in their lives, the ones that were worth it and the ones that weren't," says Maguire. Get ready for some bold, honest, and perhaps painful at times, stories to strengthen your partnership.

Asking these pivotal questions could make your relationship with your partner more meaningful and truthful. Plus, you'll have lots to talk about to easily avoid those dreaded lulls.