Would You Watch A ‘Real Housewives’ Spin-off With NeNe, Dorinda, And… Taylor Swift?

Charles Sykes/Bravo

Real Housewives: NeNe Leakes, Dorinda Medley, and Taylor Swift, a reality TV project waiting to happen — or so one Twitter user hopes. A Real Housewives spin-off starring NeNe Leakes, Dorinda Medley, and Taylor Swift is something writer Jennifer Swann apparently is ready for Bravo to put into production. Her proposal was in response to Andy Cohen wishing the two Housewives and the singer a happy birthday. Who knew they all were born on the same day?

The idea of the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, the Real Housewives of New York City Housewife, and the Reputation artist joining forces for a spin-off may sound totally ridiculous, but, hey, it never hurts to spice up the Real Housewives franchise. It probably won't ever happen, because, well, can you imagine T. Swift on a reality show? There's the whole thing of her being pretty busy with her music career. Plus, she's super careful about sharing too much of her personal life. She's already highly criticized, so the last thing the 28-year-old singer would probably want is to be on Bravo next to two of the most memorable Housewives.

Who knows how Leakes or Medley would feel about it, but they are so good on their respective Housewives series' that they would undoubtedly be right at home with this spin-off.

So far, Swann's idea hasn't received a lot of traction on social media, but plenty of people are loving that the three women share a birthday. Based on the following Twitter responses, not only would these individuals probably be on board with the trio having their own show, but they show exactly why a series with Leakes, Medley, and Swift kind of makes sense.

They Know All About Shade

You need to be able to throw shade if you're going to be part of the Housewives world in any capacity.

They Are All Powerhouses

You have to be a strong, independent woman for this type of spin-off.

So "Sweet & Sassy"

This is exactly the type of mixture needed.

Talk About A "Crue"

They definitely bring a lot to the table in the form of shadiness, drama, and stirring the pot.

The Perfect Trio

If you want a Housewives project to work, you need to find the right cast. How can you go wrong with a trifecta of queens?

Nothing But "Greatness"

They could probably create amazing things united as one.

Talk About A Squad

OK, so maybe this spin-off really needs to become reality.

Plus, It's A "Sign"

Which, again, means it needs to happen. Also, you know how Swift feels about signs and her lucky number 13.

It's unclear if Leakes and Medley are fans of Swift, but Leakes wasn't afraid to comment on the singer's 2015 feud with Nicki Minaj over MTV's Video Music Awards nominations for the Video of the Year. As the RHOA star tweeted in July 2015, "Listen b*tches I been singing all my life & still haven't gotten nominated." She also used the hashtag, "#girlbye". In no surprise whatsoever, Leakes would most certainly give Swift her honest opinion about everything if they were star in a TV show together.

All of this is totally out-of-the-box, but that's what Bravo is all about. Some of the most random things occur on the network, and this isn't the first time someone's hoped Swift and Medley in particular would come together. In July 2016, Watch What Happens Live's digital and social lead T. Kyle made this important proclamation: "I want Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift to have a sit down at Dorinda's house in the Berkshires."

As RHONY fans know, Medley's Berkshires home is a place where epic fights happen (it's basically cursed at this point), so Kardashian and Swift should totally have a "sit down" there. And it's only further proof that this crazy spin-off could make great television.