Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas’ Best Relationship Moments Prove They’re Meant To Be

by Parry Ernsberger
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What happens when a former Disney idol-turned-grown-up pop star falls in love with the Queen of the North? Goodness. All kinds of goodness happens. So much so that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' best relationship moments are kind of hard to pin down.

While they've only been together for about three years, they've basically been couple goals since day one. Turner and Jonas were first rumored to be dating back in November 2016, when they were spotted looking all kinds of couple-y at a Kings of Leon concert in the Netherlands at the MTV EMAs. A source for People told the outlet at the time, "They were really close together ... The two or three times I was watching they were kissing. She was all smiley and he looked really sweet."

Over the next few months, they slowly but surely got more and more comfortable taking their love public, but it would be quite some time before either of them spoke about their relationship to the media. In fact, that wouldn't happen until April 2018 — nearly six months after they announced their engagement.

"I'm still like, 'Holy sh*t! I’m engaged,'" Turner told Marie Claire at the time. "It’s lovely to be engaged. Not like I achieved anything, but I found my person, like I’d find a house that I love and want to stay in forever. There’s a sense of peace that comes with finding your person."

Turner and Jonas ended up tying the knot in May 2019, and their surprise Las Vegas wedding was just one of many amazing moments they've given fans over the years. Speaking of which, let's take a look back at some of those magical moments now, shall we? Here are just a few of Jonas and Turner's best relationship moments.

November 2016: When They Got Goofy In A Photo Booth

Shortly after they were initially rumored to be dating in November 2016, Joe's brother Nick shared a photo on Instagram that featured the couple getting all kinds of goofy in a photo booth with friends. This would be the first of many goofy pics that Joe and Sophie's shenanigans would produce, and, in retrospect, one of the things that makes them a pretty much perfect pair.

September 2017: When They Got A Puppy Together

After dating for little under a year, Turner revealed that she and Jonas had decided to get a puppy together. "Meet the newest addition to the krew @porkybasquiat," the Game of Thrones star announced via Instagram.

Jonas explained how the Alaskan Klee Kai pup, Porky, got its name during a Today show segment called "My Pet Tale" a year later, in December 2018. "We got Porky and it was kind of a mistake because the name came from her wanting a Pomsky. And I misheard what she said, so I thought she was saying that's the name of the dog she wanted," the singer said.

October 2017: When They Announced Their Engagement

In October 2017, Jonas and Turner shocked fans by announcing their engagement in dual Instagram posts. "I said yes," Turner captioned a photo that showed off her gorgeous diamond engagement ring. "She said yes," Jonas wrote alongside the same pic on his account.

May 2018: When They Made Funny Faces At The Paparazzi

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Seeing as how both Turner and Jonas are *huge* stars on their own, it's no surprise that, as a couple, they're constantly being bombarded by paparazzi. While every celeb deals with the barrage of flashbulbs differently — like shielding their faces so no one can get a decent shot or straight-up giving them the middle finger, for example — Turner and Jonas seemingly decided to fight back in a super funny way.

In May 2018, the pair began trolling the paps whenever they could. They made weird faces, chased photographers down with their own cameras, and generally proved how fun and cool they are. Might as well have a good time with an annoying situation, right?

October 2018: When They Got Matching Tattoos

Over the last few years, Turner and Jonas have taken to adding to their respective tattoo collections — both with individualized ink and matching ones, too. In October 2018, @mr.k_tattoo of Bang Bang Tattoos shared a photo of a phrase they got done on their wrists together. Jonas' read, "To infinity," and Turner's read, "& beyond," which was in reference to Buzz Lightyear's affectionate, signature phrase in the Toy Story franchise.

November 2018: When They Coordinated Their Halloween Costumes

Turner and Jonas pretty much killed the Halloween game in 2018. They were creepy and they were kooky, mysterious and spooky, they were all together ooky — but in like, a really good way — as the patriarch and matriarch of the Addams Family: Gomez and Morticia Addams. You might say that their costumes made them ... dead ringers. Get it?

February 2019: When They Got Silly In The Snow

In yet another example of Jonas and Turner being generally cool and fun, in February 2019, Jonas posted a short clip of Turner getting seriously goofy in the snow during a trip to Mammoth Lakes, California.

In the video, Jonas can be heard behind the camera saying, "We're here in the wild. As you can tell because there's a wild Coors Light, a wild beanie," he jokes while panning across each item. "But the craziest of all, a wild yet," he continues, while zeroing in on Turner, who hilariously dives sideways into the snow.

March 2019: When They Starred In The Jonas Brothers' "Sucker" Video

Fans were beyond ecstatic when the Jonas Brother announced their reunion. One of those ecstatic fans was none other than Jonas' then-fiancé, Turner, who — alongside her "JSisters" Priyanka Chopra and Danielle Jonas — appeared in their first comeback video for their new single, "Sucker."

April 2019: When Joe Dressed Up As Sansa Stark

As the final season of Game of Thrones was coming to an end, Jonas made it super clear who he thought should get the crown — not that it was a surprise, but he like, *really* went all out.

The singer posted a video on May 14, set to the GoT theme song. In the clip, Jonas is dressed head-to-toe in full-on Sansa Stark (aka, Turner's character) costume. Literally head-to-toe: He wore a wig and everything. As he strolled towards the camera, he gave a serene, yet stoic look, turned, and then flapped one of the dress' cascading sleeves. The whole thing was very dramatic, and very, very hilarious.

May 2019: When They Both Went Bananas

These two love a costume. It's not exactly clear *why* they both dressed up as bananas in the pic Jonas posted from May 2019, but who cares? It's incredibly a-peel-ing.

May 2019: When They Got Married In Las Vegas

There's no way anyone could have possibly foreseen what ended up going down after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Following the conclusion of the show — during which the Jonas Brothers performed — Jonas and Turner headed to a Las Vegas chapel and decided to get hitched. The whole thing was live-streamed on Instagram by Diplo, included candy Ring Pops in lieu of the real thing, and finished up with a photoshoot that only Jonas and Turner could pull off.

June 2019: When Joe Was The Ultimate Insta-Husband

Turner almost stole the show at the June 3 premiere of the Jonas Brothers' Amazon documentary, Chasing Happiness. She wore an ankle-length, spaghetti-strap gown that shimmered like an elegant disco ball, and no one was as smitten as Jonas.

The singer posted a video from the event on Instagram the following day, which showed him taking pics of his new bride as she was posing on the red carpet. "Premiere Carpet Pro-Tip #1: Always make sure you get the shot," he captioned the clip.

So, yeah. These two cuties are pretty much the best. Cheers to a lifetime of amazing moments for Turner and Jonas.