People Think Taylor Swift Made Fun Of Kim K's Robbery In Her New Music Video

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether intentional or not (but let's be real, this is Taylor Swift here — everything is likely intentional), there are plenty of references to Kanye West in Swift's music video for "Look What You Made Me Do." From the "receipts" line to the shout-out to the '09 VMAs, the video put the long-running Swift-West feud back in the spotlight. But as some fans are pointing out, it's possible that Swift was calling out West's wife as well in the clip, by possibly making fun of Kim Kardashian's 2016 robbery at gunpoint during one scene. Yet while the "evidence" is undeniably curious, it's truly unlikely that Swift would be so cruel as to mock Kardashian's terrifying and traumatic ordeal.

In the video, there's a scene in which Swift is pictured in a bathtub, surrounded by diamonds and a very symbolic one dollar bill. Kardashian, during her Paris robbery, was forced into a bathtub by the criminals. That similarity might seem minor and purely coincidental, but as The Daily Beast notes, the music video camera, at one point, zooms in on Swift's diamond ring — the same piece of jewelry the robbers stole from Kardashian. And finally, to make matters even more curious, Swift makes a gun with her hand, just like the weapon used to keep Kardashian hostage during the ordeal.

Many fans have expressed their anger and shock about these similarities on Twitter, claiming that Swift purposely ridiculed Kardashian's horrifying situation in a cruel and unnecessary way. If the singer truly intended to mock the robbery, then that outrage is, of course, totally justified. But it's seriously doubtful that that was the case.

Swift may be vengeful, immature, and petty, as shown by the lyrics of "Look What You Made Me Do," but one thing she has never been is cruel. As actions like her frequent charitable donations and trips to visit sick fans (many of which are not shared by the press or ever discussed by Swift herself) have shown, Swift is generous and kind-hearted. It'd be completely unlike her to target anyone — even someone with whom she has publicly feuded and feels wronged her, like Kardashian — so viciously. Most likely, Swift didn't realize the symbolism of the bathtub and diamond ring, and was doing the gun move just in connection to her own song's lyric, "the gun was mine."

Still, the similarities, even if coincidental, are troubling. You'd think that even if Swift herself didn't realize the Kardashian connection, some people on her team might've. After all, they had to have known that eagle-eyed fans would be scouring the video for every possible reference to West and Kardashian, and so they'd be extremely careful about what they did or did not put in the clip. Yet considering that the team already made the mistake of releasing Reputation on Nov. 10, the anniversary of West's mother's death — a fact that many fans were quick to note and criticize — it's all too possible they missed more than a few other unintentional nods.

If this is the case, Swift needs to make some serious changes in regards to the people she surrounds herself with, not to mention start paying more attention herself. As someone clearly intent on making herself come across powerful and in-control, Swift is currently making misstep after misstep, all of which make her look ignorant, at best, and cruel, at worst.

Right now, what Swift needs is to hire people in her team who will ensure that she makes no mistakes, and that nothing she does, intentional or not, can cause the wrath of the public during a time when she's hoping to re-establish her popularity.