There's A New Video Of That Haunted School That Went Viral, And, Um, It's Gotten MORE Haunted

So, hey, remember Deerpark C.B.S., the allegedly haunted high school in Ireland whose video of a “ghost” tearing down a hallway went viral at the beginning of October? It’s back, and it appears to be just as “haunted” as ever. A new video recorded by the school’s security cameras at about 5:30 in the morning on Oct. 26 and posted to YouTube later that day shows a whole lot more activity — and although I’m still fairly certain it’s a hoax, it’s certainly a fun little Halloween trick.

In case you need a refresher, Deerpark C.B.S. is a secondary school located in Cork in the Republic of Ireland. On Oct. 2, the school posted footage recorded by its CCTV system the day before — and within a week, it was all over the internet. In the video, a door slammed open, lockers shook violent and expelled their contents, and a “Wet Floor” sign went flying across the hallway... all seemingly of their own accord.

And now, several weeks later, the ghost is back. Like the last video, the “entity” on display in this latest video seems to start at the far back of the shot and work its way forward, as if it’s traversing down the corridor. There’s a lot more activity this time, though; five or six different events occur during this videos’ one minute and 40 seconds, as opposed to the four that took place during the same space of time in the first video.

Here, it starts with a loud noise at about the seven-second mark — a BANG severe enough to cause the camera to shake:

Then, at about the 38-second mark, something in the upper left-hand corner (I think it might be a chair) starts to move, accompanied by a rumbling noise — the sound of something being dragged across the floor. It’s a little obscured by the timestamp, but if you look closely, you can see it shift position:

Just a second or so later, it moves again, this time with greater force. Then, at the one-minute mark, a bag comes careening out of the storage cubbies atop the lockers. A poster flies off the wall at about 1:09. And at 1:20, a chair in the foreground takes a full 12 seconds to travel from one side of the hallway to the other.

Watch the full video here:

Although several school officials noted at the time the first video went viral that they weren’t sure if they were dealing with an actual ghost (probably a poltergeist) or a “very well-designed prank” — and, indeed, that “if it’s a prank, we don’t know how it’s done” — it’s worth noting that these kinds of videos are quite easy to fake. I pointed to a video from a debunking YouTube channel called the Duck of Truth last time round, so I’ll send you back there to check it out again; the short version of the story, though, is that all you need to carry off a realistic “ghost video” is some fishing line, a few easily-assembled remote control devices, and a little bit of editing know-how.

Plus, Deerpark C.B.S. was also gearing up for its Halloween “Fearpark” event at the time; indeed, one of the prevailing theories about the original video is that it was meant to drum up interest in the event, which looks like a combination of a school-run haunted attraction and family-friendly Halloween party. What’s more, the event took place this past weekend on Oct. 29, which makes the Oct. 26 video quite conveniently timed. For the curious, a few photos from this year’s Fearpark have already been posted to Deerpark’s Facebook page; additionally, local radio station Cork 96 FM put together a slideshow of their visit to the event (and honestly, it looks like it was a lot of fun):

In the meantime, I’ve been keeping an eye on the Deerpark C.B.S. Facebook page in case any sort of reveal concerning the videos goes up on it. Nothing has been posted beyond the actual footage so far — but, then again, given that today is Halloween, I’d expect that if they’re going to post a “GOTCHA!” message, they’ll wait until the spookiest of holidays is over first.

Of course, I suppose it’s always possible that they do have an actual poltergeist terrorizing the school… but if that’s the case, at least it seems to limit its activity to times when the students aren’t around. Safety first and all that, right?

Happy Halloween!

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