The 14 Best Opening Lines For Hinge


If you use dating apps, it's probable you've received some real opening line doozies. From the other angle, you've also, perhaps, sent some awkward ones yourself. Online dating is a wild-west, after all, and it's not as though we were trained to navigate its many booby traps. So, it's best to keep some opening lines for Hinge (or other apps) in your back pocket, so when you see an interesting cutie you want to wave at, so to speak, you can be sure to say something that will get an enthusiastic response.

Number one? Just try to be a little creative and authentic.

"The best way to answer a Hinge prompt is by being authentic and open. Giving potential dates a sense of who you are will help others kickstart a conversation and determine if you're a good fit for each other," a spokesperson for Hinge tells Bustle.

But there's no real reason to be super nervous or stressed about what to say first. One great rule of thumb is to simply stick to things you see in photos or profile responses and craft a hello that is specific to that person's profile.

Below, take a peek at some casual and cool ways that will likely start a great chat — that will hopefully lay the ground work for an even greater date!