24 Opening Lines For Tinder That'll Keep The Conversation Moving

“Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast? There’s only one right answer.”

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The best opening lines for Tinder will keep the conversation flowing.
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Whilst swiping away in search of love (or lust), it can be tough to think of opening lines for Tinder that are all at once fun, interesting, and effective. Because let’s be real, when it comes time to send that very first message, the mind tends to go blank.

Should you be funny? Serious? Use a cheesy one-liner? When in doubt, take a cue from the person’s profile, photos, and Spotify, a spokesperson for Tinder tells Bustle, as it will help you decide which type of opening line might catch their eye.

Of course, you could always base the opening line on something you have in common, too, which is another good reason to read (and re-read) their profile. "If you make a connection based on a shared interest,” the Tinder spokesperson says, “the conversation will easily flow.”

That said, don’t lose sleep over crafting the perfect Tinder message, or feel as if you have to change yourself. The right person will find any opening line totally charming. And if not, they’ll soon forget all about it because you’ll either move on — or you’ll be too busy planning a first date.

If you need a little extra inspiration, though, take a look at some of these sample opening lines for Tinder, all of which will help break the ice.


“OK, I can already tell we have the same sense of humor.”

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Whether it’s based on the books they read, the TV shows they love, or the witty quotes they’ve peppered throughout their profile, it’s often fairly easy to tell when you share someone’s sense of humor. Point it out in your opening line, and start bonding.


“On a scale of 1 to 4 at-home COVID tests, how free are you tonight?”

Anyone can appreciate a funny pickup line, but getting creative is key. Incorporating interesting current events makes for an easy laugh, and gets a fun conversation started.


“Poll: Cereal first? Or milk first?”

Ask them whether it’s more acceptable to pour milk first when making a bowl of cereal or to pour the cereal first. It’s a light-hearted way to get a conversation started, but it also gives you insight into each other’s pet peeves — another funny topic of conversation.


“Quick! Are you a dog person or a cat person?”

Everyone seems to have a pretty strong opinion about whether they're team dog or team cat. Plus, this question tends to quickly lead to an onslaught of cute pet photos. And what could be better than that?


“I see you love The Office. Is that one of your top passions?”

Choose a factoid from their profile and weave it into a question about their passions. Whether it’s something light-hearted, like a TV show, or something serious, like a volunteer organization they’re involved with, it’ll give you a chance to talk about what’s most important to them.


“Did you grow up around here?”

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This is a great question to ask wherever you live, but particularly so if you live in a major city. Since they attract folks from all over the world, it could open up a conversation about moving, dreams, career goals — you name it.


“Be honest: What is one animated character you’ve had a crush on?”

Let’s be real: most of us have been infatuated with a cartoon or animated character before. This might lead to a hilarious explanation from your match, and of course you can reciprocate by sharing your own.


“Would you rather spawn a mermaid tail anytime you got wet, or turn into a werewolf every full moon?”

If your match mentions anything in the “nerdy” realm (like anime, sci-fi or video games) in their bio, they might get a kick out of this question.


“What brings you here?”

In a sea of flirty pick-up lines and subtle come-ons, sometimes a direct question is best. Once you ask, the other person is free to be honest about whether they want a relationship or just a hookup.


“I bet I can guess which lunch table you sat at in high school.”

This is a playful way to begin swapping stories about what you both were like in high school, whether you were band kids, theater geeks, class clowns, etc. And learn more about each other in the process. If the convo goes well, you can even share embarrassing stories.


“I see you like horror movies. Are you looking forward to any new releases?”

You can’t really go wrong if you ask about someone’s taste in movies, so go ahead and get a convo started about upcoming films. If you end up hitting it off, you’ll even have the perfect first date idea already locked in.


“Do you brush your teeth before or after having breakfast? There’s only one right answer.”

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No matter which side you fall on in this debate, bringing up funny “controversial” questions always sparks witty banter. Keep the conversation going by pleading the case for your choice.


“Would you like to get ramen with me?”

Plenty of people might start off a Tinder conversation by asking if their match would like to go out, but making your question more specific makes you unique immediately. Besides, who doesn't like ramen?


“What’s playing on your Spotify right now?”

Music can be a huge point of connection for folks who are just meeting, which is why asking your Tinder match what they’re listening is sure to get the ball rolling.


“It’s so cool you’re a marine biologist. Was that your dream job as a kid?”

If your Tinder match has an interesting job, go ahead and ask more about it. To make the opening line even more fun, spin it so they can share what they wanted to be as a kid.


“What’s your favorite first date spot?”

This message is a little bit flirty, as it suggests you would, in fact, like to meet up. Chat about what they’d be comfortable doing, and see what happens.


“I’m always adding to GoodReads, too. What are you reading right now?”

Even if the match doesn't end up leading to anything, you'll leave with a new book recommendation to add to your list.


“I love that beach picture. Is that your idea of a perfect day?”

This question shows that you actually looked at their profile (always a good thing, btw) and that you’re taking an interest in what they like. It’s also yet another way to casually bring up the idea of a first date, if it seems like things are heading that way.


“What’s the weirdest thing on your bucket list? I’ll share mine if you share yours.”

This is pretty self-explanatory, and you’ll both get a chance to get a glimpse of each other’s weird or goofy side.


“Your style is 10/10”

If their bio doesn’t give much away, focus on whatever else caught your eye, such as their cool style. Let them know you appreciate their choice in vintage button-ups, colorful sneakers, or rings. Who knows? You might end up going on a date to a thrift store.


“What’s the first thing you want to do when everything reopens?”

Are they most excited about going to a movie theater? Dancing in a club? Getting on a plane? Chances are they’ll have a lot to say about what they want to do post-pandemic. Not to mention their answer will help you learn more about their personality.


“It looks like we both love to travel. What’s your favorite travel story?”

Again, when it doubt, simply bring it back to the things you have in common, such as a love for travel. Swap stories, share photos, and talk about where you’d love to go in the future.


“What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you on a date?’

If someone shares in their profile — as they so often do — that they can’t seem to go on a good date, break the ice by asking them to share what’s gone wrong in the past. Get them to focus on funny stories, and share a few of your own.


“Hey, you seem so cool! I’d love to get to know you more.”

If someone is exactly your type, don’t beat around the proverbial bush. Let them know they caught your eye and that you’re interested in chatting — and seeing where things lead.

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