Best New Songs For Millennial Women

by Amy Roberts
FueledByRamen On YouTube

If you hate the seemingly endless cold bleakness of winter, then you're likely as relieved as I am that spring is finally here. As luck would have it, some of the best new songs of 2017 — so far — perfectly fit those fresh spring vibes. This is a spring playlist for millennial women who understand that this time of year is the perfect opportunity for positive growth. Spring is a season for transformation and for fun, and you definitely need songs to motivate and soundtrack those moments.

Specifically, these are all songs that have the potential to become your ultimate song of the spring. Who says we only have to reserve such an honor for summer? In here, you'll find some of the best feminist music around right now, as well as tracks that will uplift and inspire you, whatever you do this season. Whether you need new music to work out to, or something to fall in, or out, of love to, or if you just want to know what tracks make up a best new spring playlist in general, you'll find it here.

But I've talked it up enough. Check out this playlist if you don't believe me.


Girlpool — "It Gets More Blue"

Full of the sort of harmonies, punk discordance, and lyrical storytelling that the folk duo have become known for, "It Gets More Blue" teases great things for Girlpool's upcoming new album, Powerplant.


Chloe x Halle — "Up All Night"

Make this ridiculously talented sister duo, who are signed to Beyoncé's Parkwood Entertainment, your new obsession. Chloe x Halle's mixtape, The Two Of Us, was released in March and is just as good as this performance of "Simple."


Cherry Glazerr — "Nuclear Bomb"

Taken from new album, Apocalipstick, "Nuclear Bomb," is an indie pop dream, drenched with dark melodies that hint at sweetness and a sense of doom. Plus, it's tongue-in-cheek NSFW music video is pretty damn great, too.


Lorde — "Green Light"

We have until June 16 to wait for Lorde's new album, Melodrama to be released. Until then, I'm just going to be over here worshiping the unique pop genius of "Green Light."


PWR BTTM — "Answer My Text"

Because we all need a positive power anthem about the tedious hell of being ghosted by someone.


Lizzo — "Scuse Me"

Without a doubt, Lizzo is one of the reigning queens of modern hip-hop, and with its body positive empowering hooks, "Scuse Me" is the self-love song that you need to be listening to.


First Aid Kit — "You Are The Problem Here"

Released on International Women's Day as a protest song against rape culture and victim blaming, "You Are The Problem Here" addresses the issue with power and anger.


LION BABE — "Rockets feat. Moe Moks"

If you need to kick back with bliss in its purest form, then look no further than "Rockets," which has electro-soul duo LION BABE strutting out something gorgeous.


The Courtneys — "Silver Velvet"

Every sun-drenched, sparkling fuzz chord of this song just sounds like total springtime, making it a must-listen song for brightening up the morning commute.


Lana Del Rey — "Lust For Life feat. The Weeknd"

Sexy, brooding, and dripping with a lascivious, come-hither glamor, "Lust For Life" is a spellbinding duet.


Ray BLK — "Patience (Freestyle)"

British singer-songwriter Ray BLK serves up a smooth yet powerful slice of modern R&B in this song that celebrates the idea of not rushing into ambition or giving in to the pressures of competition.


Hey Violet — "Break My Heart"

The L.A rock band's latest song is one of the most peppy heartbreak anthems that you'll hear this year.


Kehlani — "Keep On"

Released at the start of this year, Sweet, Sexy, Savage is proof of just how unique a talent Kehlani is. And "Keep On," is a seductive, enthralling track worth knowing about.


Wallows — "Pleaser"

Featuring the apparently endless talents of Dylan Minnette, who played Clay Jenson in 13 Reasons Why, the Wallows' debut single is a gorgeously upbeat indie-pop triumph.


Mura Masa & Charli XCX — "1 Night"

Combining Charli XCX's signature cool with the electronic musical delights of Mura Masa, "1 Night" is wonderfully catchy. Pair it with some friends, a tall cocktail, and a swooning sunset.


Todrick Hall — "Low (Feat. RuPaul)"

You may recognize Hall as a regular guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race, which makes this collaboration with Mama Ru all the sweeter. Taken from his third studio album, Straight Outta Oz, both the song and the video are full of Wizard Of Oz worship, and I'm so here for all of it.


Jay Som — "Baybee"

Delivering some serious loved-up vibes with adorable precision, "Baybee," is a supreme romance of a song that will make you feel instantly fuzzy inside.


DNCE — "Kissing Strangers feat. Nicki Minaj"

There's something so mischievous about this song, which is made all the better by Minaj's guest appearance.


Dream Wife — "Somebody"

Dream Wife's latest song is bold, catchy, and features the feminist refrain: "I am not my body/ I'm somebody." Make it your new everything, because it's definitely mine.


Paramore — "Hard Times"

Welcome back, Paramore. And thanks for re-emerging with this bombastic slice of '80s pop, which I didn't know I even needed until now.


Jorja Smith — "Beautiful Little Fools"

Combining thoughtful social commentary with one of the most stunning contemporary soul performances you're likely to hear, "Beautiful Little Fool" is proof that this British singer-songwriter is worth following.


Calvin Harris — "Slide Feat. Frank Ocean & Migos"

As seasons go, spring is basically just a teaser for summer, and listening to "Slide" is like we're there already.


FLETCHER — "Wasted Youth"

FLETCHER's latest song highlights the present as an opportunity to create new memories rather than dwelling on old ones.


Lady Gaga — "The Cure"

Sounding strikingly different to the stripped back Americana of Gaga's most recent album, Joanne, "The Cure, delivers whimsical, springtime pop that feels so fresh that it's almost windswept.


Faye Webster — "She Won't Go Away"

Serving twangy, folk loveliness with a twist, "She Won't Go Away," is drizzled with a lovelorn sensuality.


Kendrick Lamar — "DNA."

"DNA," and, for that matter, the entirety of Lamar's latest album, DAMN. should be on repeat for the whole of spring.


Hayley Kiyoko — "Sleepover"

You might recognize the multi-talented Kiyoko from movies like Jem And The Holograms and Insidious: Chapter 3. Well, she also has a pretty terrific music career happening too, and "Sleepover, is the catchy little number that will undoubtedly turn you onto her.


Grace Mitchell — "Now"

Fused full of '80s throwback wonder and frenetic charm, "Now" is a high-energy slab of alt-pop that is totally irresistible.

Seriously, I highly recommend hooking these songs up to some headphones and enjoying them under your favorite tree, with your favorite drink, in your favorite local park. Utter bliss.