9 Amazing Vibrators You Can Actually Buy At A Drugstore

CVS/Rite Aid

To say that sex toys have come a long way is an understatement. Not only are sex toys over a $16 billion industry, but access to them is easier than ever before. No longer do you have to pull into a seedy sex shop off the highway; these days you can waltz into your local drugstore and pick up anything from vibrators, to butt plugs, to lube, to cock rings. And this is how it should be.

“Being able to place a sexual device in a leading drug retailer was a surreal moment," Katie Quigley, brand manager at LifeStyles Healthcare, tells Bustle, who led the charge in regards to development of SKYN vibes. She says strongly feels that millennial women should have easy access to sex toys — not just in where they could buy them, but the price point, too.

Lifestyles a:muse kit "was created to enhance one’s sexual pleasures and has everything a consumer wants: multiple speeds, premium quality and a rechargeable battery for hours of fun," Quigley says. "It is a product that you would typically find at an adult store, but now has the convenience at being at your local drug store.”

Although drugstores vary from city to city, here are the best vibrators you can buy at three nationwide chains.


LifeStyles a:muse His & Hers Pleasure Massagers Kit

With one finger vibe and one vibrating cock ring, there's no telling where you get can use this vibes. From the clitoris, to the G-spot, to the ‎perineum, to the prostate — it's all about getting creative and being afraid to experiment.


Butterfly Kiss Purple - Platinum Edition

Along the same lines of the iconic rabbit vibrator comes the Butterfly Kiss vibrator. It's far easier on the wallet and its shape it great for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Which, if you hit it just right, can lead to the elusive blended orgasm.


Trojan Hot Spot Vibrating Ring

When it comes to vibrating cock rings, you can't go wrong. Even if your partner doesn't have a penis, the ring can be worn on a dildo and hits the clitoris just right — making it perfect for solo use too.


INTIMINA Kiri Personal Massager

The best part about the shape of this particular vibrator is that it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and can be used anywhere you need some extra sensation. It also has a unique shape for those who prefer clitoral stimulation above all else and it's waterproof, so hello bubble bath!


SKYN Vibes Rechargeable Personal Massager

When this particular toy hit the market, I was really impressed! The combination of quality and shape, not to mention the 20 speeds from which to choose, made me one hell of a happy camper. Sadly, when we think of less expensive sex toys, we think of lower quality. This was absolutely not the case with this rechargeable vibrator from SKYN.


Durex Play Allure Personal Massager

Although Durex, similar to SKYN and Trojan, is often associated with condoms, it's here that Durex steps up their game by trying their hand at the vibrator scene. It may not be anything fancy, but when you're looking to get off, sometimes all it takes is a few inches and AA batteries.


PicoBong Moka G Vibe

While a little bit on the pricey side (you can also buy LELO products at CVS, which are even pricier), this G vibe is shaped to deliver stimulation both internally and externally. Which some would consider a win-win.


Trojan Vibrating Bullet

I'm of the belief that when it comes to bullet vibrators, you can't go wrong. And, according to Trojan, since this is their most powerful vibrator, it's ideal for those who take their bullet vibes very seriously. Those who don't need quite the extreme level of intensity might want to opt for another vibrator or, at the very least, start on the lowest of the four speeds. Bullet vibes tend to be very aggressive — but for some of us, that's a great thing.


Get a Grip Prostate Massager Black

The prostate is the male G-Spot and while some people may have yet to tread those waters, those who have tend to enjoy it quite a bit. So finding a prostate massager at a drugstore? Yes, this is real life and it's great! Why? Because it shows that anal play has really made a huge jump in both popularity and acceptance.


As Quigley points out, to have come this far and have sex toys readily available in drugstores truly is a "surreal moment." It's also something worth celebrating. Not all cities and towns have sex toy shops, so having access to these items in drugstores is a big deal in recognizing that human sexuality and pleasure shouldn't be dismissed or ignored.