11 Experience Gifts That Are All About Spending Time Together

For some people in our lives, whether they're a romantic partner, a friend, or a family member, choosing the perfect holiday can be really easy. Then you get to cross them off the list and move on to the next person. But then there are those people — and we all know one — who have everything, so the only gift that will do is an experience gift that's about spending time together.

Experience gifts are perfect for either that finicky person in your life or that person who just doesn't need another sweater, some more socks, or even another bag of CBD bath bombs. With an experience gift, you're giving your loved one the chance to do something that, ideally, they've never done before, and to do it with you. Unwrapping a Hickory Farms basket isn't going to create quite the experience as jetting off to St. Bart's for a long weekend at the very last moment. You know, if you have more than a few grand to throw around for such a gift.

But because not everyone can whisk the person they're giving an experience gift to off to an island for a week or even a couple days, here are some other experience gift options that are just as fun in their own way.


Babeland Event

If you're looking to add some extra spice to your sex life, or want to take a blow job class with a friend for fun, Babeland has you covered. The sex toy shop has a bunch of events from which to choose at all their stores and most of them are actually free.

If you don't happen to live near a Babeland, then check out what sort of events the sex shops near you offer.


Cooking Classes

While a cooking class might seem vague, I'm leaving it that way so you, the gift giver, can decide. From learning how to cook Thai food, to making your own pasta, to finally mastering the art of the iconic French dessert, macaron, there's a cooking class for every interest and every level. It's just about exploring what's a good fit and what's most likely to give you and your buddy a laugh.

Depending on what type of class you choose, prices can vary quite a bit.


Annual Pass To The U.S. National Parks

For the person you know who can't get enough of National Parks, comes the annual pass to 59 of them. Each pass lasts a year and each pass holder is allowed to bring up to three guests with them, ages 16 and older. Anyone under 16 gets in for free.

Also, because these National Parks are all over the country, you're setting up a reason for you two to go away for a long weekend.


Wine Tasting Tour

While the ultimate wine tasting tour might be done in Tuscany, Italy or Bordeaux, France, these are not the easiest places to get to for some of us. So the next best thing is finding a local wine tasting event.

Depending on the grade of wine, what type of wine, and how much wine, also depends on the price. It's all about deciding what sounds best for your friend and, of course, you since this basically is a gift to both of you.


Gastronomic Experience

The person for whom you're buying the gift doesn't have to be a foodie to enjoy a true gastronomic experience. If you're in or around New York City, Salinas is a great spot for this.

Sit at the bar and watch the Salinas mixologists shake up some magic, because magical is the only way to describe the signature cocktails at Salinas. Grab a couple of tapas while you sip as well from the newly launched bar menu.

Salinas' Chef Bollo is constantly changing the menu based on the season and even the music is hand-picked to match the mood of the menu.

Main courses start at about $30, and you can choose the tasting menu or do a la carte.


Helicopter Tour Over New York City

It doesn't matter if the person you're buying this gift for is a tourist or has lived in New York City their whole life, seeing NYC from above is definitely one hell of an experience. Sure, the greatest city in the world looks magical from the sidewalks, but to see it from above is creating a lifelong memory.

The helicopter tour starts at $284 per person.


Champagne Brunch Sail

If you agree that brunch is that best meal of the week and there's no better way to get through life than on a boat, then an experience gift really worth considering is one that includes both. Oh, and champagne too, of course. While this might not be available in every state, those on the coasts and near large lakes (think Lake Michigan), are likely to find something similar. Or, you could always do your own version by going by canoe. Or rowboat.

For the Champagne Brunch Sail in New York, it starts at $101 per person.


Dance Class

Even people with two left feet can learn how to shimmy to music thanks to the dance professionals at The Ailey Dance Studios. There are so many types of dance lessons to choose from, with a single class starting as low as $22. But should you be interested in buying a package of more classes, that's also an option too. Maybe 2020 is finally the year you learn to dance Salsa.


Hot Air Ballon Ride

If the person you're buying the experience gift for has always dreamed of taking a hot air balloon over Cappadocia, Turkey, once again, this isn't always a possible gift to pull off. Instead, finding a local place that does hot air balloon rides can be a sort of pre-game for a future Cappadocia trip.


10.Tickets to The New York Philharmonic

If the person you're buying for loves music and has never seen the New York Philharmonic play, then now's the time to get tickets — which start at $37 each, then go up. Like, way up. If you don't live anywhere near New York, the closest city to you is very likely to have a symphony of their own that you can get tickets to, then check out a performance together.


Murder Mystery Dinner Show

For those who are still, and will always be, theatre geeks at heart, nothing says "ideal experience gift," like a murder mystery dinner show. With this particular experience based in New York City, you get a four-course meal and the opportunity to play out the scenario of a murder mystery — something in which you actually might end up the villain. Woohoo!

Now you have 11 options that will give you and your partner, or friend, the perfect chance to do something together, as opposed to exchanging gifts that will probably be out of style by next year.