It Feels Like Every Single Celebrity Is Getting This Haircut For Fall

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Welcome to another edition of Celebrities Who Got Bobs. OK, that's not a real thing, but maybe it should be because the bob has become every star's new go-to haircut for fall. Every day there seems to be a new, short 'do on the block, and it's got to make you wonder if we should all grab a pair of scissors and just go for it.

According to Allure, Joey King is the latest celebrity to get a bob. The Emmy nominated actor has been wearing her hair short and curly — presumably growing it back out after shaving it to star in The Act. Thanks to stylist Dimitri Giannetos and some fancy extension work, King has joined the world of the bob haircut, but as this is Hollywood's biggest hair trend, she's not alone.

Earlier this week, Lucy Liu took her hair to its shortest length ever, getting a jawline-grazing bob and showcasing it on Instagram. Saoirse Ronan also reportedly made the chop this week, joining in on the stylish hair trend. Of course, there are the ever-returning Kardashian-Jenner bobs, the enviable short 'do of It Girl Lucy Boynton, the blunt look of Karlie Kloss' hair, and the blonde bob Cardi B got.

Clearly, there's more than enough proof that the bob is the hair trend for fall, but if you do decide to take the plunge, how do you style and work with the shorter 'do? Bustle reached out to hairstylist and founder of Refuge Hair, Beth Weber, to find out.

Weber tells Bustle that there are two main ways she's seeing the bob worn this season. The first is a smoothed out, center-parted blunt cut, and the second is side swept with a bit of a wave (see Joey King above). No matter your style of bob or your hair texture, she says that rocking the look starts in the shower where you should use products that boost your hair's natural volume and bounce.

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As for styling, Weber says you've got a ton of options. One way to wear the look is by simply towel-drying your hair and using your fingers to bring out the natural texture. "Add Paul Mitchell’s Invisiblewear Air Gel," she recommends, "It is amazing at celebrating your hair's natural texture. I promise you will have flexible memory without the crunch. Give your round brush a break and dry with your fingers letting your natural texture come to life."

If you want more of a style to your hair, Weber says that it's all about picking what you'd like before you begin. She says first, those with bobs should pick their part: center or side swept. If you'd like a side part like King's bob, the stylist recommends going deep to one side will to add more drama to the look.

As for the more mussed, wavy look, Weber says a 1.25" diameter curling iron or wand is ideal. Use the wand on roughly 8 different sections of the hair alternating curl direction from front to back. She says, "Let cool, run your fingers through and you are done."

She's also got advice who want a sleek look like those the Kardashians have been rocking. Weber says a smoothing iron will work, but just run it over the surface of the hair. For the Refuge Hair founder, volume is key to this style, and you don't want to lose it.

According to Weber, no matter your hair type or texture, a bob can work for you. Embrace your natural locks, style it up, and switch the style. The appeal of the bob may just be how versatile the look can be.

As for which celebrity will be next to make the chop? Beauty lovers will have to wait (albeit not long, it seems) to find out.