Bustle's Editors On The Eclipse + 'Game Of Thrones'

Happy Eclipse Day, everyone! Hopefully you actually went outside to see the eclipse safely through your glasses, but even if you just watched a livestream or checked out the images later, you know it was pretty freakin' cool. This definitely wasn't your typical Monday, to say the least...

For more on the eclipse and lots else, read on for a recap of everything that had Bustle's editors talking today, Aug. 21:

The Solar Eclipse + What You Missed

Well, it finally happened. On Monday, millions of people picked up glasses (or at least cereal boxes) to watch the solar eclipse — including Donald Trump, who unwisely took off his eclipse glasses while watching. If you missed the event, here are some of the best eclipse photos from the path of totality — which, thankfully, you can view safely on your laptop.

LOL: The best, funniest tweets about the eclipse are so good, you guys.

Game of Thrones + New Theories

Sunday night's Game of Thrones episode was epic, to say the least. Spoilers ahead! Not only did Dany's dragon Viserion get killed and then revived by the White Walkers, but there was Arya-Sansa drama, some Targaryen family flirting, and a possible huge clue about Jon's sword that GoT fans might've missed. One more episode to go...

Aww: Bachelor alum Jade and Tanner Tolbert had a baby girl, and they named her Emerson Avery. Congrats, you two!

Taylor Swift + That Mysterious Video

Taylor Swift is plotting something huge. After wiping her social media accounts completely clean last week, Swift posted a short snake video on Monday to her Twitter and Instagram accounts. What it means is anyone's guess, but you can bet that the singer will be dropping more mysterious hints in the next few weeks.

OMG: The American Horror Story: Cult opening credits are here, and they're spooky AF.

Trump + Resignation

No, don't get your hopes up just yet. There's no signal that the president is about to step down — but that doesn't mean people aren't already speculating about what would happen if Trump did resign. For what it's worth, it'd be a quick process, with Pence (gulp) taking over ASAP. And if that happens, we're in a for a whole different set of problems.

Quote Of The Day: "That's too bad" — Trump's response to the news that ten U.S. sailors are missing. Yes, really.

Girls Who Code + An Awesome New Book

The organization Girls Who Code is already doing amazing things when it comes to getting girls and women involved in the very male-heavy world of tech. But now they've taken things a step further, with a new book meant to teach its readers both about code itself and the gender gap in tech. Even cooler? It's just the start, as more Girls Who Code books are on the way. Hell, yes.

Shopping Break: Got big boobs? These ten strapless bras will provide some serious support.

Today's WTF Moment: Um, the Secret Service has already run out of money. NBD.

What to Watch: It's Bachelor in Paradise night! Tune in to ABC at 8 for the latest drama-filled episode.