Bustle Editors On CPAC + 'Making A Murderer'

Adulthood is, essentially, just waiting until the weekend hits — which is why I know we're all glad it's finally Friday. Whether your plans are to catch up on all the Netflix content that'll be leaving the platform at the end of February, a weekend getaway, or partying with friends, I hope you enjoy your much-deserved break!

But before you snap into relaxation mode, there are a few things that you need to know about today, Feb. 23.

Trump + CPAC

The 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is underway, and there have been some *interesting* moments so far. First, former 2016 presidential candidate and current senator from Texas Ted Cruz tried to make an analogy about the United States' political parties and The Simpsons— and subsequently got roasted on Twitter. Then, Donald Trump seemed to get momentarily distracted during his CPAC speech and proceeded to talk about his bald spot on stage.

ICYMI: On Thursday, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was charged with a felony for allegedly taking a photo of a naked woman without her consent and, according to the prosecutor, threatening to blackmail her with it. Greitens denies the charge, though he admits the affair: "I made a personal mistake before I was Governor. I did not commit a crime."

Making A Murderer, Part Two

Netflix's Making a Murderer made everybody question the justice system in 2015, and now a follow-up series is officially in production! Convicting a Murderer will also focus on the Steven Avery case, but will be a kind of re-telling, taking into account all of the things that have happened concerning the case since 2015.

OMG: Josh Duhamel shared his thoughts about his ex-wife Fergie's national anthem performance.

Lorde + Dating Rumors

For a while now, rumors have been swirling around that singer Lorde and Jack Antonoff (Lena Dunham's ex-BF) have been dating. Most recently, the two were photographed hanging out in New Zealand, which many fans took as a sign that they were a couple. But then Lorde herself took to Instagram Live to address the rumors head-on... and you might be surprised at what she had to say.

Fun Fact: Our hangovers may be getting worse thanks to evolution. Ugh. Keep that in mind when you go out for drinks this weekend.

What to Watch: This Disney classic is leaving Netflix in March, so watch it while you can over the weekend.

Kylie Cosmetics + Baby Stormi

Kylie Jenner just dropped a whole bunch of new cosmetics, titled The Weather Collection. Yes, it's totally a reference to her baby daughter Stormi — how cute! The collection features some tried-and-true favorites, like bullet lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes. But there are also some entirely new products, like liquid eyeshadows I'm sure are gonna be all over Instagram in a few days.

The Bachelor: ABC's latest spinoff, The Bachelor: Winter Games ended last night with a shocking engagement.

Shopping Break: Sadly, flu season is still here — but luckily, these incredible essential oils can help.