Bustle's Editors On The AHCA + Star Wars Day

Who else is ready for this week to come to an end? We may still have one day left, but with events like the GOP's health care bill being passed in the House today (more on that soon), you definitely wouldn't be alone if you're already itching to get away from the news and take a breather over the upcoming weekend.

For now, though, there's still a lot to discuss. Here's a look back at what had Bustle's editors talking today, Thursday, May 4:

The AHCA + What It Means

Today, the House voted to pass the newly amended American Health Care Act, which strips coverage from millions of people in need. Under the act, sexual assault and domestic violence are considered pre-existing conditions, and special education funding is drastically hurt — and that's just the devastating start.

Share Your Voice: This may be a huge blow, but the battle isn't over. The AHCA still needs to go through the Senate, so call your representative ASAP to protest the GOP's damaging bill.

Prince Philip + Retirement

At the age of 95, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, is retiring from royal duties. This announcement came after an emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday night, which had many people worried about the health of the duke and Queen Elizabeth. Thankfully, both royals are fine, and the news is simply that after many decades of service, Philip will no longer be accepting new invitations to events.

Eek: A NSFW tweet from former Real Housewives star Kim Zolciak to Chrissy Teigen has everyone talking — and a lot of people not too happy.

Star Wars + A Day To Celebrate

Happy May the Fourth, Star Wars fans! For those not familiar, today is otherwise known as Star Wars Day, due to the famous line, "May the Force be with you." The series' stars are all celebrating, including Riz Ahmed, whose throwback Star Wars photo will make fans very jealous. It's a sad time without Carrie Fisher, but honor her legacy and celebrate May the Fourth with your Wookiee-loving friends.

GoT Alert: Game of Thrones spinoffs are officially a go. Yes, plural — four (!) shows are in the works. OMG.

Instagram + Red Bathing Suits

Chances are high that at some point yesterday, you opened Instagram to see red bathing suits all over the app. A California-based clothing company, Sunny Co Clothing, had posted a photo of a woman wearing a red suit, saying that everyone who reposted and tagged the photo would get the one-piece totally free. So, naturally, everybody did — and thus the red bathing suit Insta takeover of 2017 began.

Shopping Break: Tired of limp hair? These volumizing hair brushes will make all the difference.

Harry Potter + Broadway

Get excited, Potterheads: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 & 2 is officially coming to New York. The show will premiere on Broadway in April 2018, and you'll want to get your tickets ASAP in order to secure a spot. Every magic lover in America is going to try to see this show, so you won't want to wait long before nabbing a seat.

Say What?! A teen has invented a bra that can detect early signs of breast cancer. So, so cool.

Today's WTF Moment: A Colonel Sanders romance novella is being released by KFC, because, well, why not?

What to Watch: Get to a theater ASAP, because Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is finally in theaters!