'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Season 3 Trailer Reveals A Rebecca Scorned

Josh Chan made a terrible mistake. The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 trailer finds a newly jilted Rebecca crushing pretzels and rocking her bride robe after Josh left her at the altar. She's a woman scorned, who is unafraid to channel her darkest instincts. And as the Season 2 finale revealed, when Rebecca goes dark, she goes pitch black.

The finale revealed that Rebecca set fire to her law professor's house when he decided not to leave his wife for her, and then she spent some time institutionalized before settling down in New York. It was a gut-punch of a twist. Fans knew their beloved anti-heroine dealt with depression and obsessive behavior, but the full extent of her mental health issues weren't revealed until the finale.

It's clear she's going to be in a bad place when the new season starts. By the end of the teaser, she's standing in front of a mirror, rocking a new hair style, and laughing menacingly. This might be a cause for alarm for a lesser show, but the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend writers have proven they can be trusted to handle the many nuances of Rebecca's character. For the past two seasons, Rebecca has been striving to find happiness by being with Josh, but once she passes through the blinding anger phase of her canceled wedding, she may find that not marrying Josh is the best thing that could have happened to her.

But first, it looks like viewers are going to get up close and personal with what pre-New York City Rebecca Bunch was like. As the teaser suggests, she's about to go to the extreme, and that's bad news for Josh (or anyone else who gets in her way). Rebecca appears to have reached a point where she's not even going to pretend to be nice anymore.

Don't give up on Rebecca though. While Season 3 looks set to go darker than the first two, this experience is destined to help Rebecca grow as a person. In an interview with Bustle and other journalists after the Season 2 finale, executive producer Aline Brosh McKenna discussed how Season 3 would pivot between Rebecca's past and present. McKenna said,

"When you're in the mental state that she's in, the boundaries between the past and the future, it's very much a story that she's telling herself about why she doesn't get the love that she thinks she deserves and wants."

Not only will Rebecca face her past, she's also going to end up helping Josh. Vincent Rodriguez III, who plays Josh, told members of the press at the Summer TCAs that Rebecca will be instrumental in pointing Josh toward the next phase in his life. The usually sunny West Covina looks like a dark place in the teaser, but that seems to be a reflection of Rebecca's current state of mind. She's no longer seeing things as she wants them to be, but rather as they actually are.

Right now, Rebecca is in full pretzel-crushing rage mode, but as dire as things seem, she might finally be on the right path — Josh should probably still stay out of her way though.