Winter Is Coming For 'American Horror Story'

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You, guys, there might be dragons in American Horror Story Season 7. OK, there probably won't be dragons, but as reported by HelloGiggles on Wednesday afternoon, Ryan Murphy's latest American Horror Story tease is Game of Thrones flavored. That means not only can the man build a TV empire, he has exquisite timing too.

The photo in question features Billie Lourd rocking silver locks that would make any Targaryen envious. Between her stunning hair and Murphy's caption promising "winter is coming," the Scream Queens actor could easily pass as Daenerys. That begs the question, what does the Mother of Dragons have to do with the politically-themed Season 7 of Murphy's scarefest? I don't know, but I am doubly intrigued by the thought of the mayhem of American Horror Story spilling over into the war for the Iron Throne.

While I suspect Murphy is invoking Game of Thrones references because the Season 7 trailer for the HBO hit dropped on Wednesday, I'm not ruling out the possibility that this photo means Lourd's character has something in common with Daenerys (besides the hair). Perhaps, she has a burning desire to rule or she's a displaced ghost searching for her homeland — whatever's going on here, the only two things I know for sure about Season 7 so far is it will begin on the eve of the 2016 election, and it's going to be a hairy affair.

Remember, before Murphy shared Lourd's unusual look, he posted a teaser of an anonymous person sporting bright blue hair. He captioned that previous photo, "AHS Season 7: Red, white and blue clue." Now I'm wondering if the three central characters of the season will have hair corresponding with those patriotic colors. Could the election give way to three murderers who use the American flag as a style inspiration or do these characters possess attributes associated with the colors they wear?

After all, Lourd's hair looks silver in the photo, but it could also be seen as white. Someone else — maybe Evan Peters — is rocking blue, so that just leaves red. And I am deeply afraid red is already accounted for thanks to the demonic grin on the elephant creature Murphy previously shared. (That thing is still giving me nightmares to be honest.)

Put these three characters together and you have red, white, and blue. It doesn't explain what's going on in Season 7, but it is a start.

In addition to the color scheme, Murphy is hinting at a connection to Westeros, and given the political theme, it's not actually much of a stretch. After all, Game of Thrones is part political machinations and part straight up horror, thanks to those pesky ice zombies running around. Maybe what Murphy is trying to tell fans about the upcoming season is that it will be mixing politics with scares, much in the way Game of Thrones does so effectively.

Either that or Lourd's character is a passionate Daenerys devotee, who writes the Dragon Queen in on the ballot and then goes mad when she doesn't win. If that's the case, then there will definitely be some fire (and maybe a little ice) in American Horror Story Season 7.