The Houseplant You Should Get Right Now, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Houseplant You Should Get, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Are you an indoor plant person? For a long time I decidedly wasn't, mostly due to the fact that I just couldn't seem to keep one alive — until, after much trial and error, I finally got the hang of it (although, unfortunately, many plants lost their lives in that process). I can now proudly say that I have at least five plants in my home that have been alive and thriving for years (#ProudPlantMom).

There are lots of reasons to keep houseplants and foster your inner plant-parent that go beyond how gorgeous and Instagrammable indoor plants can be. Firstly, bringing a splash of nature and the energy of life into your space via a thriving houseplant just feels like good energy — and it's proven to have all sorts of psychological benefits, such as boosting creativity and soothing anxiety. There are also physical benefits to having houseplants, as many plants actually help filter toxins out of the air and can help reduce allergies. Our green-leaved friends truly do have loads of benefits.

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that millennials love their plants. And you know what else millennials love? Astrology, obviously. So if you don't know where to start with your indoor plant game, allow the stars to be your guide. Here's the houseplant you should get, based on your zodiac sign — and I promise they're all relatively easy to care for, even for the greenest of plant parents.

Aries: Bamboo Palm


As a fire sign, you love the sunshine, Aries, so bring a little tropical flair into your home with a pretty and dramatic-looking bamboo palm. These babies can survive heartily even in very low-light conditions. However, they'll grow a lot taller if they're in bright but indirect sunlight, so if you do choose to pay it some extra attention, you'll have a gorgeous statement piece for your place.

Taurus: Heart-Leaf Philodendron


Is there anything cuter you've ever seen than the heart-leafed philodendron? Also known as the sweetheart philodendron, this low-maintenance plant baby is gorgeous on a table top or hanging from the ceiling where its long, leafy vines can hang down. As a Venus-ruled Taurus who enjoys making their home cozy and comfortable, the sweet and heart-warming look of the heart-leaf philo will be the perfect easy-to-care-for plant addition to your abode.

Gemini: Snake Plant


Snake plants are super interesting to look at, with their thick and hearty green leaves growing straight up toward the sky. What's even better about these iconic statement piece plants is that they're very easy to care for — so if your thrill-seeking Gemini ways take you on a last-minute trip, your snake plant will survive just fine without you. Plus, as an air sign, it's important that you respect your element and get a plant with strong air purifying properties, which the snake plant has in droves.

Cancer: Sword Fern


There are about 12,000 different types of ferns out there, and many of them — including the gorgeous, thin-leafed sword fern — can thrive beautifully indoors with a little TLC. Ferns require a lot of humidity, so you'll have to mist them often with a spray bottle, or keep one hanging in your bathroom, as it'll love the moisture in the air from your hot showers. Staying on top of this extra step of care shouldn't be a problem for a naturally nurturing Cancer like you, though.

Leo: Monstera


Is there anything more beautiful and aesthetic than the monstera plant? Well, besides you, of course, Leo. Perhaps the most Instagrammable of all millennial-favorite plants, monsteras can also get quite large, quickly becoming a full-blown statement piece for your home. They do need a good amount of sunshine, but given that your ruling planet is the Sun, you shouldn't have too much trouble sussing out the brightest spots in the house.

Virgo: Pothos


As an earth sign, you probably resonate with house plants a lot. And as a Virgo, you love purity — so get you a gorgeous pothos plant for its air purifying properties. NASA's Interior Landscape Plants For Indoor Air Pollution Abatement placed pothos at the top of their list. Plus, pothos grows like wildfire and will look amazing hanging from a cute macrame plant hanger.

Libra: Peace Lily


The gorgeous peace lily isn't actually a lily, but its pretty white flowers resemble them, don't they? As a peace and harmony loving Libra, you'll resonate with the gentle energy of this plant. The flowers on this plant bloom all year long, so you'll always have a lovely and fragrant fresh floral in your home. And because they can grow to be over three feet tall, they're great for potting on the floor, which adds a fun look to your home (and frees up some dresser-top space).

Scorpio: Spider Plant

Bozhena Melnyk/Shutterstock

Named for a fellow arachnid, spider plants have long, thin leaves that resemble spider legs — except, you know, a lot prettier than spider legs. According to NASA, spider plants are helpful in absorbing toxic chemicals from the air, which is a lovely added bonus. They're also super hardy and can survive under fluorescent lights, making them an ideal option for anyone who lacks a lot of natural sunlight in their home.

Sagittarius: Lucky Bamboo


You're ruled by lucky planet Jupiter, Sag, so it only makes sense that you'd need a plant with an equal amount of luck. Enter the lucky bamboo plant. This plant is actually a dracaena and isn't made of bamboo at all — its stalks simply resemble it, which is where it got its nickname. You can even grow your lucky bamboo plant in water instead of soil, so long as the roots remain submerged.

Capricorn: English Ivy


If you want to instantly elevate the vibe of your home with a grounding earth sign flair, look no further than English Ivy. It looks lovely potted on a window sill or hanging from a plant hanger, so the placement is up to you. Indoor ivy does require some extra TLC, so you'll need to be ready do some occasional pruning, keep the temperature of your home consistent, and monitor how much light and water it gets. But you're responsible, Cap, and it's still relatively easy to care for, so I trust that it'll do just fine.

Aquarius: Aloe Vera


As an Aquarius, you love to help others, so having an aloe vera plant will serve a dual purpose. Firstly, this pretty plant is beyond easy to care for and nearly un-killable, so even a sometimes-flighty air sign like you can make it last. Secondly, the gel inside the aloe vera leaf is highly soothing for your skin. You can break off a leaf and use the liquid on a sunburn, or even as a moisturizer.

Pisces: Chinese Evergreen


Pisces, let's get real about two things: You love to nap, and you're not always the best at responsibilities. Can we agree? If so, let's get you a plant that can help with both. The gorgeous Chinese evergreen plant purifies the air, making it the ideal plant for your bedside table, and they also require very little attention and low light. So if you wind up in a dreamy haze and forget it exists for a few days, chances are it'll be doing just fine, even if you haven't drawn the shades.