These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Feel The Intensity Of The Upcoming Super Flower Moon

The May 2020 Full Moon Will Affect These 4 Zodiac Signs The Most

Sit tight, because we've got a transformational and soul-changing luminary coming up that's going to bring spring to an emotional climax. The May 2020 full moon, which rises on May 7 in the sign of Scorpio, comes with illuminating feelings, desires, and secrets of all kinds — but we don't need to fear the intensity. Sometimes a climactic build-up of emotions leads to exactly the cathartic release that the cosmic doctor ordered, and that'll definitely be the case for the zodiac signs most affected by the May full moon.

Also known as the Flower Moon, this luminary is taking place in the intense and emotional water sign Scorpio, which is shifting our focus onto intimate relationship and the truths that lie beneath the surface. Scorpio's influence gives a spiritual-minded energy to this lunation, and that vibe is further emphasized by the positive aspect the full moon forming to dreamy planet Neptune. "This luminary is asking us all to run toward our passions, no matter what obstacles stand in our way," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle. "It’s also time for us to wrap up the past and walk away from situations or relationships no longer serving our best interests and that are holding us back from growth."

All signs are deep in this energy during the upcoming luminary, but for a few signs, the cosmic shifts are even more groundbreaking. Here's the scoop on the zodiac signs the May 2020 full moon will affect the most.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

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This is the singular full moon taking place during Taurus season, so it's a big one for you. And because it's hitting your house of partnerships, you're going to be feeling the emotional surge within your closest personal relationships — meaning this luminary could be a make-or-break moment when it comes to love. "You may feel more inclined to give your all to love or let loose of relationships that are no longer working for you," Stardust says. You'll be seeing the dynamics within your relationships with much more clarity than usual, which will allow you to come to some decisions about how you'd like to move forward.

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)

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The full moon is bringing to light a whole lot of personal baggage from from your past and drama within your personal life — and it may not be easy on your heart. As you untangle the mess and inch closer to addressing the root of some of these issues, it'll be helpful to take solace in your own little cocoon of comfort. "Spending time out of the limelight is serving your best interests," Stardust says. "Everyone needs time away from the public eye to decompress." Upping your quiet relaxation time is the perfect antidote to any personal turmoil that's coming to the surface.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

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This special luminary is lighting up your sign now, Scorpio, so this is your opportunity to seize the climactic full moon energy and start propelling your highest goals into reality. "Spend some time reconnecting with your needs and desires in order to manifest your dreams," Stardust says. It's not selfish to focus on yourself right now. If you've been tossing around ideas or working on personal projects, now's a good time to start bringing them into the light. Work on fostering your confidence and perfecting your creative vision — because if any sign can work with this luminary's intense energy advantageously, it's you.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

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This luminary is lighting up your house of career and public recognition, Aquarius, which will energize all sorts of professional endeavors and help you look at your current trajectory in a new way. "A work project is culminating now, allowing you to embark on a new journey," Stardust says. The energy of this luminary is bringing our emotions to a head, but this wave will also open doors of opportunity for you. Allow your heart to lead you toward the path that's meant for you now. You're reaching pivotal moments of action within your career, and it's time to make some moves.