This Is The Most Common Way Women Get Turned On Before They Masturbate

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When it comes to masturbation routines, many of us have them. For example, my go-to is usually recalling a previous experience that got me super hot and bothered. Once I've milked that previous experience dry and it's no longer doing it for me, I turn to fantasizing about things with a current partner or past partner. I wish I could be someone who fantasizes about celebrities when I masturbate, because considering my new Bill Hader obsession, that would be delicious. But, sadly, I'm just not that type of woman.

In the hopes of getting more insight into women's masturbation routines, among other things, TENGA sex toy manufacturers released the TENGA 2018 Global Self-Pleasure Study. The study spanned 18 countries, surveying people from 18 to 74 years of age. Here in the United States, 1,003 people in that age group participated — and no sex-related leaf was unturned.

Although the study found that the majority of women do masturbate, with 76 percent having tried it, we're still lagging behind men (ahem, gender norms) who have a rate of 92 percent. Even our frequency is on the low side with 34 percent of women report masturbating a few times a month and only 22 percent doing it every week, at a 4.1 times per week average. But for those who are masturbating, here are the top seven routines for women.



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Coming in at number one on the list of the common masturbation routines, with 51 percent adding it to their masturbating fun, is fantasizing. There's nothing quite like a fantasy, one that you've perfectly curated, that fulfills exactly everything you'd want in your ideal sexual experience.


Watching Porn

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Not only are more and more women watching porn but, according to 2016 findings by Pornhub, more women than men are watching porn on their phones. I guess you could say we're all about convenience. But no matter on what device women are watching porn, 37 percent of them incorporate it into their masturbation routine.


Using A Sex Toy

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For 31 percent of women, whether it's vibrating or not, is exactly what they want when they're going to masturbate. With so many women-run sex toy companies these days, it's nice to know that these products are made by people who also have a vagina.


Thinking About A Previous Experience

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Twenty-eight percent of women think about a previous sexual rendez-vous while masturbating.


Use A Vibrating Sex Toy

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Twenty-four percent of women use sex toys that vibrate as part of their masturbation routine. If you need inspo, these vibrators are a great place to start.


Reading Erotica

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While I'm a huge fan of erotica and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it, I have to say that, although it gets me really, really turned on, I've never incorporated it into my masturbation routine. However, despite the fact that I'm probably missing out big time, 13 percent of women are not.


Looking At Pictures

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Although it didn't specify what pictures these women are looking at as part of their masturbation routine, something tells me it's probably nudes or Tumblrs. Either way, 12 percent look at pictures when masturbating.

While these may be the most common, according to this one particular survey, if your current masturbation routine is working for you, then godspeed. But if you're looking for ideas and want to try something new, this list is a great place to start.