The New 'PLL' Promo Hints At A's True Identity

by Amy Mackelden

Pretty Little Liars fans have a reason to get excited on Tuesday. TVLine revealed an exclusive trailer for the final 10 episodes of the Freeform show, which promise to reveal A, or A.D.'s, identity once and for all. Fans of the show have been living for this revelation since the series began in 2010, and it's hard to believe that it is finally coming to an end. With Pretty Little Liars Season 7B due to air from April 2017, the end of an era is well and truly upon us. While the latest Pretty Little Liars trailer hints at A's unveiling, it also seems to suggest several surprising suspects.

Despite not showing us very much new footage, TVLine's exclusive Pretty Little Liars trailer focuses on several A.D. suspects in particular. Sure, the show might be leading us in the wrong direction entirely, but it's possible that the trailer is dropping some clues as to the identity of the villain. With only a month to go until the final 10 episodes start airing, there's not much time left to speculate about A.D.'s identity. However, using the latest PLL trailer as a guide, which characters are most likely to be revealed as A.D. before the show comes to an end? Brace yourselves for drama.

1. Ezra

Personally, I loved it back in Season 4 when everyone thought that Ezra was A. Obviously, it turned out that he was just researching a true crime book on Alison DiLaurentis. But the new trailer shows us footage of Ezra's brief moment in the spotlight and seems to suggest that the former teacher still has some secrets. Plus, it's always nice to hear Spencer shout the words, "He's frickin' A!" Could Ezra be A? And what would that mean for the rumored Ezria wedding?

2. Mona

The new trailer features a lot of footage of Mona, which could mean that her character has a pivotal role in the final 10 episodes. Mona has been A before, so we shouldn't rule out the possibility that she could be A again.

3. Dr. Rollins

The Liars may have buried Alison's suspicious husband after running him over, but that doesn't mean he's dead. In Rosewood, it seems as though anyone is capable of rising from the grave, and a creepy shot of Dr. Rollins peering through a window is enough to convince me that he might be back.

4. Mary Drake

At the end of Season 7A, it was revealed that Mary Drake was Spencer's birth mother. There are sure to be many more surprises involving Mary in the episodes ahead, but the trailer suggests that the sinister character may be involved in some dark deeds.

And, somewhat suspiciously, Wren Kingston is notably absent from the new trailer, despite the fact that the actor is definitely back for new episodes. Perhaps what's missing from the Pretty Little Liars trailer is just as important as what's included? We'll have to wait until April 18, 2017, to find out.

You can watch the trailer here at TVLine.