The One Way Dean Could Be The Next Bachelor

Paul Hebert/ABC

It's that time in the Bachelorette season where fans start to guess who the next Bachelor is going to be. Following the franchise's history, the Season 22 star could come from the final four contestants on Bachelorette. Fan-favorite Dean Unglert's elimination came as a bit of a surprise, prompting many to assume this frontrunner would be the next man to deliver the roses. And contrary to what many fans may think, him joining the Bachelor in Paradise cast doesn't exactly dampen his chances. All of you Dean-obsessed admirers, don't lose hope just yet. Because, there's still one way that Dean could become the new Bachelor.

While chatting with with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet, Harrison announced that the next Bachelor hasn't been chosen yet. "There's four great candidates right there," Harrison said in reference to Rachel Lindsay's final men. "They'd all be great Bachelors, they would. I can't poke a hole in any of them, but in all seriousness, we've not picked a Bachelor. So, I can tell you, no Bachelor is chosen."

So what exactly would Dean have to do to be a shoo-in for the coveted spot? Follow in Nick Viall's BiP footsteps, that's what.

Harrison noted that the team is going to wait until after Season 13 of The Bachelorette and BiP's Season 4 has come to an end. After finishing as runner up in two Bachelorette seasons, Viall continued stealing hearts on BiP's Season 3, leading him to becoming the 21st Bachelor.

For Harrison and the #BachelorNation crew, finding their Season 21 Bachelor on the Paradise spinoff was unexpected. And since taping for Season 22 doesn't start for some time, waiting until the current BiP season is underway may present some pretty interesting results. He told ET,

"Nick popped out of Paradise if you remember, we didn't see that coming. We weren't planning on it and then it happened. I think, lesson learned, we're going to wait and just watch it all play out."

Harrison continued explaining, "I know people would love for us to announce it, but there's no reason to. We would just be jumping the gun. So, we're going to wait."

Looks like tuning into BiP's Season 4 is going to be a must. There's still so much vetting to do.