The Sex Bucket List To Do Before The Year Ends, Because There's Still Time To Make Things Happen


I think many of us can agree that 2016 wasn't the best year. But there were some highlights. For example, Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote (even if the Electoral College failed her) and pandas were taken off the extinction list, so those are two things to celebrate, right? I cuddled with a wild cheetah in South Africa, so that was cool, too. But as we come to the end of the year, there are still things we need to get done. For some, that means making resolutions for 2017, in the hopes of sticking to those resolutions past Jan. 15.

For others, it’s about taking stock in 2016 and trying to find the good in it, from a personal standpoint. While for an entirely different group, the end of the year means crossing some essential things off their sex bucket list, because priorities, priorities, priorities.

If you happen to fall into the latter group, then a good place to start, along with trying to get away with having sex at your family’s house this holiday season, is trying out new positions before we finally kick 2016 to curb. Here are nine positions that, if you haven’t tried them yet, you should get in before 2017 begins.

1. X Marks The Spot

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How to do it: While lying down on a flat surface where your hips and your partner's hip are at the same height, cross your legs, at either your ankles or knees, and have your partner stand and penetrate you from here. If you give your legs a squeeze, to tighten things up, even better.

Why you should try it before the year ends: Although this position is great for partners with smaller penises, it feels really good for everyone. This particular position provides deep penetration and more sensation for both you and your partner. Also, because your hips have to be even with each other in order to pull this one off, it's a fantastic excuse to FINALLY have sex on the kitchen table.

2. Reverse Cowgirl

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How to do it: With your partner lying down on their back, straddle them while facing in the opposite direction. From here, you can either "ride" them sitting upright or by leaning forward which, honestly, is a bit more comfortable and is a more satisfying angle for penetration.

Why you should try it before the year ends: As someone who has just as many insecurities as the next person, I can see how this position might be daunting. I mean, there you are, on your partner, lying across their pelvis and legs, and your ass is in their face. But reverse cowgirl is a position that some people are really into, like a lot. You never know until you try! So, go ahead; put your ass in their face and have a grand ol' time.

3. Seated Oral

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How to do it: Well, whether you flip a coin or play "Rock-Paper-Scissors," you need to decide who's receiving first. Next, whoever wins, sits in a chair while the other partner gets on their knees and performs some oral action.

Why you should try it before the year ends: Just look at the position... isn't it hot? No matter if you're receiving or giving, it's a really hot position. If you're the one sitting, you get to relax and run your fingers through your partner's hair. If you're the one giving, you get to be on your knees, your face tucked between the thighs of your partner which, this time of year, is a very warm and cozy place to be. The position is sexy overload.

4. Sideways Straddle

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How to do it: Have your partner lie on their back, with one leg bent and one leg straight. Next, while straddling their bent knee, you want to lower yourself onto their penis and start gyrating.

Why you should try it before the year ends: Of all the positions I've tried in my life, this one is the best for clitoral stimulation. You're not just getting the penetration aspect from behind, which always feels a bit deeper, but in moving your pubic bone against your partner's thigh, you're completely in control of your orgasm. Sure, you're basically humping your partner's leg like a happy puppy, but whatever it takes, right?

5. Doggy Style With A Toy

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How to do it: Get into the traditional doggy style position. Can't remember how to do that? Simply, get on your hands and knees, and have your partner, from a kneeling position, enter you from behind.

Why you should try it before the year ends: As research has proven, doggy style is the most preferred position in pretty much the world. It's primal, animalistic, and when it comes to hitting the G-spot, it never fails. So, if we take something that's already super, duper as it is, but then throw in, say, a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris, what do you get? A sexual situation for which a word may not have even been created yet! Basically, it's fantastic and it's been a long year, so you deserve fantastic.

6. Mutual Masturbation

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How to do it: Pick a comfy spot, ideal for masturbating, and tell your partner to do the same. Then, as the description suggests, start masturbating.

Why you should try it before the year ends: I'm a huge supporter of trying mutual masturbation with your partner. The reason for this is not just because it's sexy and intimate, but really it's the best way to teach each other how you like to be touched. The more you know about your partner's wants and desires, sexually speaking, the better sex you'll have. It's that simple.

7. Standing

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How to do it: While facing each other, lift one of your legs and let your partner hold it. Or, if that feels a little unstable for you, you can rest your lifted leg in the crutch of your partner's arm. From here, they should sort of lower their hips just enough to get inside you.

Why you should try it before the year ends: Have you tried having sex while standing up this year — or ever for that matter? No? Then that's why you should try it.

8. Side 69

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How to do it: Instead of traditional 69 where one person is on the top and the other is on the bottom, both you and your partner should lie on your sides, facing each other for this one. Then, you want to bury your face into their genitals and get to giving the oral.

Why you should try it before the year ends: People don't give 69 enough of a shot. As someone who's engaged in 69 more in the last three months than I have in my entire lifetime (it might be a really early mid-life crisis or something), I can attest to the fact that 69 is underrated, especially is you do the side 69. It's actually quite comfortable and you have more control over just how much of your partner's "stuff" you want in your face. It's fun; try it.

9. Modified Doggy Style

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How to do it: For this position, it might be easiest if you start in the traditional doggy style position, then lower down while your partner is inside you.

Why you should try it before the year ends: Since we've already established that doggy style is a winner among so many people, once you try the modified version, you might find you like it even better. It's far more intimate, because you can kiss and lock your fingers together while doing it, and yet it's still just as deep a penetration as traditional doggy style.

If variety is indeed the spice of life (cliché!), to not inject some of that spice into your sex life is sort of selling yourself and your partner short. Don't do that. Instead, take this list, figure out what you need to try before 2017, and just make a go of it. Tonight might be a good time to start.