These Are The Top 5 Things That Make Sex Bad For Women

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Whether it's too quick, too long, there's bad music in the back ground, or it ends in a sex-related injury, having bad sex at some point is inevitable. While it would be nice to think that every time you go to bed with someone, it's going to blow your mind, that's not how life works.

Although what constitutes as bad sex varies from person to person, there are some common denominators involved. A new study, of 2,000 Americans, conducted by OnePoll and Pure Romance, hoped to unearth what makes for bad sex. What they found was that the majority of Americans, at 60 percent, admit that their relationship started off with having bad sex, while 56 percent reported having "awful" or "terrible" experiences in bed with a new partner.

As distressing as those number may be, it's still somewhat promising that at least some of these experiences led to second chances. You can't expect truly awesome sex the first time around with a brand new person; it takes awhile to get to know someone's body in a way that leads to truly awesome sex.

Until then though, so-so sex may be on the menu. As for what "bad" sex actually entails, that's up to the individual — we all have different desires — but there are certainly some common offenders. Here's what women in the survey considered "bad" sex, because jumping in without foreplay is the worst.


Lack Of Foreplay

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Without adequate foreplay, a woman isn't at peak arousal, so for 57 percent of women to call sex bad because the foreplay was either too short or totally skipped right over, makes total sense.


Moving Too Fast

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In the heat of the moment, people can lose their mind and really go at it. While having a quickie can be great, if you're looking for something more, something a bit longer, then fast sex isn't going to win points with anyone. According to the study, 44 percent of women agree.


Not Having An Orgasm

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While not having an orgasm sucks, it doesn't have to be the main goal when having sex. "Focusing on the orgasm being the required outcome of sex is potentially damaging," couples and sex therapist, Lisa Yee, tells Bustle. "When we place the focus of sex on the orgasm, it sets us up for failure."

However, 44 percent of women will call sex bad if they don't climax.


Dirty Sheets

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First of all, very few people wash their sheets as often as they should. If you have an active sex life, especially with one-night stands coming and going, you need to wash your damn sheets! If only to be considerate to the next person who's in them!

For 37 percent of women, dirty sheets is enough to label sex "bad." And who can blame them? I don't care how much fun I'm having; if I'm rolling around in the bodily fluids of multiple other people, I'm not going to be able to relax enough to really enjoy it.


Unreciprocated Oral Sex

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I am not exaggerating in any way when I say that every man I've ever been with felt entitled to oral sex. Every. Single. One. But what I learned is that while they were content to sit back and receive, many didn't bother to reciprocate.

But regardless of whether you're with a male partner or female partner, it was this factor, that had 33 percent of women calling foul.

Yes, bad sex is totally subjective. But if you've ever called sex bad because one of these five factors, know that you're not alone.