These 3 Zodiac Couples Share The Same Core Values


While all zodiac signs can find something in common with each other, there are a few zodiac signs who share core values, almost to the point it can be tough to tell them apart. If they end up in a relationship, they may find that these similarities keep them on the same page. And since they often want and care about the same things, they may notice they're naturally heading in the same direction in life, too.

Sharing core values really is important when it comes to being with a long-term partner, especially since it means no one has to stray too far from what they really believe in. Plus, "individuals experience greater fulfillment when they live by their values," Lisa Barretta, an astrologer and author of Conscious Ink, tells Bustle. "When we don’t honor our values, our mental, emotional, and physical state suffers." That doesn't mean these couples have to have everything in common, but that there are benefits when basic core values match up.

Of course, when it comes to astrology, there are so many factors that can influence why each sign has certain things they care about. "Venus is the planet that governs over what we value in life," Barretta says, and the same is true for each sign's element, such as earth, fire, water, or air. Focusing on Sun signs, though, here are the zodiac couples who may have the most in common, according to an astrologer.