These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have A Rocky Start To 2020

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If you're experiencing your first Saturn return in 2020, it may be tough but your other returns won'...

Everyone wants to begin the new year on a good note. It's a time for fresh starts, resolutions, and looking ahead to what the next 12 months may have in store. But for a few zodiac signs, the beginning of 2020 will be a bit difficult due to what's going on in their astrological charts.

"Generally, the planets that cause the most upheaval are Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus," Emily Ridout, MA, a professional yoga and astrology teacher, tells Bustle. "Saturn rules the creation of boundaries and restrictions. When Saturn passes through your sign, you’re likely to experience external restrictions that you can’t control." It can lead to frustrating situations, and a feeling of being stuck.

"Pluto rules over permanent transformation," Ridout says. "If you’ve ever faced permanent transformations [like a birth, death, or even a graduation] then you know how difficult this can be." And Uranus is the "chaotic" planet, she says, which can bring sharp, sudden shifts to your life.

"Whenever these three planets pass through your chart, you’re bound to experience feelings of helplessness, or a loss of control over the direction your life is heading," Ridout says. But that doesn't mean you're going to feel this way forever, or that the rest of 2020 will be a mess.

"You have control over one thing, and that is yourself," she says. "Even though these transits can cause a rocky start to your decade, don’t lose heart because the wheel of life is always spinning, and what seems like chaos will soon come back into order [...] If you face the challenges that arise, you’ll transform into someone strong, resilient, and capable who will be even more potent when these transits get easier." Here, the four signs who may have a rocky start to 2020, according to astrologers.


Aries (March 21 - April 19)

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Do to all this planetary action, Aries might have some confusing vibes coming their way during the start of 2020. And that will be really upsetting for a sign that typically feels so sure of themselves and in control.

"Aries is the sign who truly knows what [they want], and it can be frustrating when the answer isn’t clear," Ridout says. They like to have goals in mind and a clear path towards them, so if these plans get muddled or take a back seat, they're going to be out of sorts.

Aries can get through these tough times, though, by giving themselves a break. They'll want to learn to hold onto their wants and goals, Ridout says, while also feeling OK if it takes longer for them to manifest. "Take this time to clear out what is really important to you and what isn’t," she says. "If you do this, then 2020 will be a period of massive growth."


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

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"2020 finds Uranus, the planet of chaotic change, in Taurus," Ridout says. "Because Taurus energy tends to enjoy things that are stable, steady, and comfortable, Uranus can really make things feel tough." Their life, which is always structured with a well-known routine, may start to feel unpredictable. And it could start impact everything around them, from work to relationships.

There is good news, though, in that the rocky start to 2020 will end up being a learning experiencing for Taurus. "Ultimately, the goal of this transit is to release rigidity," Ridout says. "If Taurus energy people can do that, then they’ll find that they can create comfort and stability within themselves, rather than externally. If they weather the storm, they’ll be able to bring more vitality, zest, and depth to their chosen paths."


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

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To get further into what's happening astrologically at the start of 2020, it's important to know that Pluto and Saturn will be transitioning through the earth sign Capricorn, which can cause some discomfort for air and fire signs, astrologer Nina Palmer, tells Bustle. And that's why Libra, an air sign, may have a tough time come January.

Libra typically likes things to be balanced, Ridout says, so they may feel completely thrown off by this energy, which could leave them feeling like they don't know what to do next in life. But however confusing it may be, it isn't going to last — and Libra may even be able to learn something new about themselves in the process.

"Keep in mind that balance can exist in a single moment or over the grand scheme of things," Ridout says. "If you’re having a difficult time right now, for example, it doesn’t have to be half fun/half not. Your balance will come later in the year as you integrate the lessons offered by Saturn and Pluto."


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

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Of course, with several major planets transitioning Capricorn this January, it only stands to reason that Capricorn themselves will be affected, too. And for them, it'll all come down to feeling as if their life isn't on track, Ridout says. For a sign that values hard work and ambition, they might feel lost for a while as they figure out their next move. But that's OK.

"The mixing energies of these planets are working together to bring Capricorn energy into deeper truths that will fuel Capricorn’s drive, energy, and ambition for the coming year," Ridout says. "Even though these transits are tough, learn to listen in and integrate what is being offered, even if it’s not what you wanted initially."

While it can be a tough time for all the signs as these planets transition through the sky, these four signs are likely to experience the biggest side effects. They can get through it, however, by taking it easy, remaining open to whatever lessons can be learned, and then applying them throughout the rest of 2020.

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