The Most Difficult Day For Each Zodiac Sign In 2020

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Each and every day has the potential to be difficult, in one way or another. You might miss your train on the way to work, spill coffee all over your shirt, or encounter a problem in your relationship. Such is the nature of life, with all its ups and downs. But when you look ahead to 2020, and take astrology into consideration, a certain day may stand out from the rest and end up being the worst day for your zodiac sign.

So how, you might be wondering, is it possible to narrow it down? "In astrology each planet has its own nature or personality," Lisa Barretta, an astrologer and author of Conscious Ink, tells Bustle. "When one of your natal (birth) planets receives a hard aspect from a transiting planet it can indicate a day where you wish you would have stayed in bed."

That isn't necessarily a bad thing, though. "Oftentimes these so-called difficult days offer us a 'wake up call' and force us to get a grip on what isn’t working in our life," Barretta says. A small problem may come and go, but a larger one can give perspective and highlight some changes that need to be made. Here, the most difficult day for each zodiac sign in 2020, as well as what you can do to get ready for it.


Aries (March 21 - April 19): February 17

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One of Aries' most defining traits is that they're always in a rush, moving from one thing to next and barely taking a moment to breathe. And on February 17th this will get them into trouble when their ruling planet, Mars, moves into the sign of Capricorn, along with Saturn and Pluto, Barretta says.

As a result, "Aries may find that there could be some aggravation from an authority figure like a boss or possibly the police," Barretta says. "Mars in general rules people in uniforms, Saturn rules government and higher ups like a boss, and Pluto is usually a dark or troublesome person or situation."

To avoid getting into trouble, Aries will want to be extra cautious for a while. They should watch what they say, Barretta says, and be even more careful than usual while driving.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20): May 13

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Taurus likes to be in control, so they could view May 13th as a particularly troubling day due to the way it shakes up their bank account. "Your ruling planet, Venus, will turn retrograde in the sign of Gemini, your second house of money," Barretta says. "Let’s not forget that Uranus, the unpredictable planet, is transiting through Taurus so it is quite possible that you may have an unexpected expense around this time."

Taurus might get flat tire or have to go to the doctor and get stuck with a big bill, and it'll really bum them out. "Taurus hates to part with or lose money and this can be a day that makes you unexpectedly part with some cash," Barretta says. So they'll want to plan ahead and set aside some extra money, just in case.


Gemini (May 21 - June 20): September 2

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Gemini might run into an issue regarding their reputation and/or relationship on September 2nd, according to what's going on in the sky.

"The full moon in Pisces will light up Gemini’s 10th house and also square off with Gemini’s sun," Barretta says. "The sun and Mercury in Virgo, Gemini’s 4th house, will be opposing the full moon. All of this intense action on Gemini’s angular houses (4th and 10th) may indicate an ending, breakup, divorce, or a temporary fall from grace."

It could make for a tough day, for sure. But Gemini can plan ahead and take things easy so any transition that does occur goes smoothly. They'll also want to watch their words preceding this full moon, Barretta says, which may help them avoid a messy situation.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22): June 21

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"Cancer has been having a bit of a challenging time for the past two years since both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn have been opposing their sun sign," Barretta says. "Relationships have been put to the test and Cancer may find that June 21st may be a day when things hit the fan."

If a relationship has been extra rocky, for example, this may be the day it ends. "A powerful solar eclipse will happen in their sign and most likely finish off any unresolved partnership problems that have been lingering since the end of December 2019," she says. "The summer solstice is June 21st and that in itself can bring on intense energy."

It will be a difficult day for Cancer, who values relationships more than anything, Barretta says, but they can get through it by leaning on the other people in their life for a while, like friends and family.


Leo (July 23 - August 22): January 10

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As a sign that values pride, nothing's worse for Leo than finding out a partner is having an affair, or someone is doing something else behind their back, Barretta says. And yet may be what happens right after the start of the year.

"The full moon lunar eclipse occurs in the sign of Cancer on January 10th," she says, "therefore it will both light up and shake up Leo’s 12th house of hidden secrets."

It could go the other way, too, meaning Leo gets caught doing something sneaky, Barretta says, so they'll want to take steps to be as honest as possible with everyone in their life, and ask for others to do the same.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22): October 13

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While Virgo tends to expect bad days, and is good at bracing themselves, but things may go particularly downhill on October 13th.

"Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury, will go retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, Virgo’s 3rd house of communication, transportation, and contracts," Barretta says. "The moon will be in Virgo that day, therefore it can be a day when the car has an issue, the computer doesn’t work, or possibly a day full of all kinds of miscommunication. Virgo may even get a text meant for someone else and be shocked by some revelation."

If this ends up happening, Virgo will do well to let it go and not overreact, as that'll only make the situation worse.


Libra (September 23 - October 22): January 12

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Libra strives for balance and harmony in their life, Barretta says, so it's unfortunate they're likely to have a chaotic day on January 12th when a Saturn/Pluto conjunction occurs in their 4th house of home and family.

"There may be an unexpected expense due to a necessary home repair or possible issue with a family member who needs Libra’s assistance for some reason or another," she says. "Mercury will also figure into the Saturn/Pluto conjunction so the news will be sudden and unexpected."

They can handle it, though, by communicating effectively with those who are asking for help, and doing their best to lend a hand.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): August 15

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Scorpio is very perceptive, so they tend to feel bad days approaching weeks in advance. And according to Barretta, is August 15th may take them by surprise when a relationship goes way off track.

"Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, and breakups in general, will go retrograde in Scorpio’s 7th house of partnerships and marriage," she says. "Past issues that seemed to be resolved will rear up again leaving Scorpio no choice but to accept that things are not working out with a partner."

It may prove to be a day when they finally decide to call it quits, or put a last surge of effort into fixing problems before moving on.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): May 14

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"On May 14, Sagittarius' ruling sign, Jupiter, is turning retrograde on Pluto," Molly Cardinal, a professional astrologer, tells Bustle. "It’s already going to be a weird time for all the fire signs on this day because all of the fiery planets are being somewhat doused in water and earth signs." But for Sagittarius, the 14th will really stand out.

"Sagittarius has been learning this year about when it’s time to be serious and not ignore things that need healing and improving, and this retrograde cycle commences level two of that lesson," she says. "The way that Sagittarius views their life’s work and really making something of themselves is going to have to change."

If they've been dreaming about moving on in their career, for instance, it'll really weigh heavy on them on May 14th. It'll be the day they begin reassessing what's most important to them, Cardinal says, and where they'd like to be.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): January 12

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"On January 12, Capricorn is getting a heavy hit with the long-awaited Saturn and Pluto conjunction," Cardinal says. "Saturn is Capricorn’s ruling planet, and it’s going to be meeting up with the life-changing Pluto and the sun."

As a result, Capricorn will feel the weight of the world on their shoulders throughout the day, she says, and they'll feel as if they won't be happy unless they make some changes. And while it'll make an overwhelming 24 hours, it'll ultimately be a good thing.

"It’s time for them to leave the past behind — even leave past goals and hopes that feel more like obligations at this point — and have the courage to dismantle everything so something new can be built in its place," Cardinal says.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): August 3

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"The sun’s strength in its home sign of Leo combines with the emotional moon passing through the sign that has to work extra hard to process and express emotions," Cardinal says, so Aquarius might feel particularly unlike themselves on August 3rd, as a result.

"On top of this, the sun and moon are making a tough aspect to Aquarius’s ruling sign of Uranus," Cardinal says, "which is more pressure on Aquarius to get out of its comfort zone of thinking, pondering, and projecting and instead be mindfully present here on earth."

But they can get through it. It'll help for Aquarius to loosen up a bit, Cardinal says, and try new ways of doing things.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20): January 12

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Pisces may have a tough day on January 12th, when Saturn and Pluto connect in their 11th house of friendships, astrologer Clarisse Monahan, of Venus in Retrograde, tells Bustle. It could result in Pisces feeling particularly alone, either by choice or by a sense of rejection.

They might even experience the end of a friendship thanks to Pluto, Monahan says, or even problems in their social groups. "You may feel like you don't quite fit in on January 12th and a bit beyond," she says. But it'll be possible for Pisces to weather this tricky period by taking good care of themselves, and valuing the friends that do stay by their side.

Remember, a "difficult day" could be viewed as one that serves as a wake up call, so each zodiac sign should go easy on themselves and see what they might be able to learn from these problems, as they arise. You might just come out the other side feeling more certain about the future.