This Is What People May Perceive As Untrustworthy About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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It's possible for anyone to seem untrustworthy at times, but especially so when you have certain personality traits working against you, which might be the case when you take your zodiac sign into account. Because for each sign, there are a few traits and habits that can easily be perceived as shifty — even when that's not actually the case.

If you've noticed that you're having negative interactions as a result, it's something that's possible to overcome by shifting your perspective, considering how others may view these traits, and then making a few simple changes. "This awareness gives you the ability to know yourself better, be aware when you fall into this pattern, and be able to share more about who you are and how you operate with others," professional astrologer Stephanie Gailing, MS, tells Bustle. "This is key for happy and healthy relationships."

Even if your sign has a few "untrustworthy" traits associated with it — or vibes you give off, without even realizing — it doesn't mean that's who you are as a person. "Astrology assumes we have freewill," Vedic Astrologer Griffin Damron, tells Bustle. "Although these are our predispositions, through conscious actions we can overcome them."

Read on for the ways people might perceive you as untrustworthy based on your sign, as well as ways to prove them wrong.


Aries (March 21 - April 19): How You May Come Off As Impulsive

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As one of the most impulsive signs, many people feel it's tough to trust an Aries, especially when it comes to whether or not they'll follow through with tasks.

"Although this can be a virtue as they’re great at leadership and initiating new, important projects, they can be seen as untrustworthy when it comes to sticking with a project long-term," Damron says. For example, working with an Aries can be tough, as they tend to leave others in the dust, while they speed on to their next project.

It's easy for Aries to be overcome with excitement — and leave people hanging as a result. But if they make an effort to slow down, and be more present, this is definitely a habit they can shake.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20): How You May Come Off As Stubborn

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Taurus may be naturally stubborn, and as a result may not be "inclined to hear another point of view," astrologer Nina Palmer, tells Bustle. "They let people down by digging and refusing to budge."

And, as a fixed sign, Taurus can't help but get stuck in their ways. "Taurus is comforted by having a regular rhythm," Gailing says. "While there are plusses to this, the downside can be that they get so stuck in a groove that they may stubbornly not want to make a change."

For Taurus to overcome this habit, it can help for them to stick to their word — no matter what. Even if something makes them uncomfortable at first, doing it anyway and keeping their word will help maintain their good reputation.


Gemini (May 21 - June 20): How You May Come Off As Fickle

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Represented by the twins, it's easy for Gemini to seem "two-faced," Palmer says. "People they interact with may not know who they are dealing with at any given time. They let people down when others compare stories," and find that they heard different things.

But that doesn't mean Gemini is lying on purpose. "A butterfly at heart, they may flit from this interest to that, this perspective to that," Gailing says. "This may meet their nature’s needs, yet for others their propensity to shifting may come across as a fickleness that could impede the trustworthiness that others accord to their word."

To seem more trustworthy, Gemini needs to watch what they say and remember that we're all connected, and it can come back around.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22): How You May Come Off As Closed Off

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Many people find that, when hanging out with Cancer, they don't really know who they're talking to.

"Cancers are very sensitive and because of this they don’t always reveal their emotions," Gailing says. "Others may experience this as not being able to fully know — and then therefore, fully trust — what a Cancer is truly feeling."

While it may take some practice, if Cancer feels like this tendency is holding them back in life, they can make an effort to open up. It'll be difficult at first, but once others get to know them, they'll be inspired by the benefits of not being so closed off.


Leo (July 23 - August 22): How You May Come Off As Self-centered

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Leo loves to be the center of attention. Yet their desire for being recognized for the unique being that they are could undermine their relationships, Gailing says, and leave their friends feeling like they were stepped over.

It can also seem like Leo is trying to steal the spotlight from others, Palmer says, which can be off-putting. To get along and maintain a reputation of trustworthiness, it can help for Leo to remember who helped them succeed — while offering lots of credit and thanks along the way.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22): How You May Come Off As Critical

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"Virgos strive for perfection and sometimes demand nothing less from themselves and others," Gailing says. "Sometimes this translates into their being critical if they deem that things aren’t up to the standards that they seek." And when they do so, it can make others feel like they aren't on the same team.

"If all is going well with a Virgo and then [they become] exceptionally nit-picky, you could feel disappointed, or let down, or question your ability to trust them," Gailing says, which is why this is one sign that can benefit from letting go. While it's fine for Virgo to apply order to their own life, it's not always fair to expect the same from others.


Libra (September 23 - October 22): How You May Come Off As A People-pleaser

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As the sign of the scales, "Libras like to weigh and measure everything as well as strive to not disappoint anyone," Gailing says. And while that's an admirable trait, it can backfire.

"Sometimes what they tell people isn’t necessarily what they feel but what they think others want to hear," Gailing says. And others can pick up on it, and feel like they aren't getting the whole story.

For Libra, the best remedy is to learn how to speak up about what they want. Even when it's comfortable, people react positively to those who say what they mean, and stand up for themselves.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): How You May Come Off As Secretive

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"Scorpios are deep, emotional creatures who may keep their treasured feelings buried," Gailing says. And that's completely fine, if it makes them happy. But Scorpio should keep in mind how this habit can make them seem "shady," if they aren't careful.

As Gailing says, "That their feelings and emotions are often shrouded from clear view may make others feel that they can’t fully trust a Scorpio owing to the secrecy and mysteriousness of where they are coming from."

If need be, Scorpio can work on opening up a bit more to others. They don't have to spill all their secrets, but they may want to work on their communication skills, as of way of helping others get to know them.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): How You May Come Off As Idealistic

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Sagittarius likes to see the glass as half full, "and while this drives their optimistic spirit and sense of exploration," there’s the possibility that their positivity doesn't always jive with the reality of a situation, Gailing says.

While Sagittarius shouldn't try to change their positive point of view, they can practice being more realistic in serious situations, and acknowledging how others feel.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): How You May Come Off As Ambitious

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If one thing is important to Capricorn, it's success. And it's this drive that can make them seem untrustworthy. "Also, with their focus on work, work, work, their family and friends may not trust that they will always prioritize their needs over their career accomplishments," Gailing says.

While Capricorn should always focus on their goals and what they need to do to reach them, it's important that they don't forget about others along the way. By maintaining a work-life balance, they can succeed, while also keeping their relationships healthy.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): How You May Come Off As Unpredictable

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Aquarius is often considered "the most eccentric sign of the zodiac, always willing to break any social norms," Damron says. "For this reason they are one of the most unpredictable signs. They can not be trusted to follow social norms and conventions." And that can be a great trait to have.

But when it comes to building up trust in others, it can make things difficult. While Aquarius shouldn't squash their personality, they can take the setting into account, and try to be more careful with what they say. After all, not every time is the right time to share big ideas.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20): How You May Come Off As Flaky

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Pisces is often caught up in a fantasy of their own making, which is an artistic and dreamy way to live — and one that suits their personality. But this can easily make them seem gullible and untrustworthy, Palmer says.

Like Libra, they also tend to zero in on what others want, and can seem a bit flaky as a result. As Gailing says, "What you see is sometimes not what you get (and visa versa), which can undermine trustworthiness." So for Pisces, they may want to practice voicing their true opinion more often. And being more assertive.

It's possible for anyone to seem untrustworthy at times, but especially so when these traits are holding you back. If it seems like people are forming the wrong opinion of you, it can help to make a few simple changes — in an effort to win them back and have healthier relationships.