You Can Buy A 'Toy Story' Spirit Jersey & Live Your '90s Kid Dreams

It's time to show your true colors. No, not for your Game of Thrones house, though that's obviously important and should be tattooed on your forearm or somewhere equally visible at all times. But now there's a chance to show your loyalty to perhaps the greatest of all Disney films. In fact, you can wear it on your damn body. That's right — you can now get a Toy Story Spirit Jersey, so stop and think about that for a minute.

Disney adult spirit jerseys have become something of a *thing*. If you're not familiar with spirit jerseys, think of the pride and joy of many college jocks — something you probably saw people wearing around your college campus. Big, comfy, and emblazoned with a team or university logo, these shirts are all about showing your spirit. Unfortunately, there weren't very many opportunities to wear spirit jerseys after college — until Disney came along. God bless that big-eared mouse and all of the wily ways he takes our money.

Disney started introducing Disney princess spirit jerseys and even Disney holiday spirit jerseys — and the internet went up in happy, happy flames. Hell, there were even rose gold options. It was a magical time. But now, they've gotten some of your favorite movies in on the spirit jersey game and it is a sight to behold. The online home of all Disney merch, shopDisney, has a whole line of spirit jerseys. Sure, lots of them look incredible, but the Toy Story option definitely reigns supreme in my book. "Andy's puffy, fluffy cloud wallpaper makes the perfect background for our Toy Story Spirit Jersey," the site explains. "Show your animated spirit in this roomy, comfy all-cotton pullover." I WILL, DISNEY — YOU BET TO GOD I WILL.

But I have to be honest with you — all of that Toy Story spirit doesn't come cheap. The jersey is retailing at a whopping $59.95, a number that I find rather eye-watering, no matter how much spirit is sewn into it.

Weirdly, there are some other options that come in slightly cheaper. Both the Lion King spirit jersey and the Stitch (of Lilo and Stitch fame) spirit jersey are priced at $52.95. Will they take you to infinity and beyond? Probably not, because only Toy Story can do that. Maybe that's why they're seven bucks cheaper. Still, will they make you look pretty damn fresh? Absolutely. In fact, this may be the only context in which tie-dye is not only acceptable but delivers.

There are so many different ways you can load up on Disney merchandise, well beyond spirit jerseys. Personally, I'd go for their new donut-themed Forever Disney line options, with delicious delights like PJs and a donut mug — every day should start and end with donuts, after all. Or you can show your love for your favorite Disney park in merch form. The truth is, there is no shortage of ways to spend your hard-earned cash showing your love of all things Disney. But there are very few opportunities to relive the cheesiest, coziest moments of your college years — and that's where spirit jerseys come in.

Eat some ramen, watch weird daytime TV, and curl up in your spirit jersey. They're a thing of a simpler time, a purer time. And now, you can show your devotion to your favorite Disney film — it doesn't get more spirited than that.