This Is The Most Dangerous Sex Position For Men

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When we think of sex-related injuries, especially in men, we tend to think of the elusive broken penis. I mean, everyone knows someone who knows someone who once met some guy who had his penis broken during sex. While fracturing a penis is a risk a guy takes when he has sex, especially with rough or vigorous sex, it's actually not toward the top of sex-related injuries. But it's probably the most terrifying to imagine.

According to a recent survey of 1,662 people by SuperdrugOnlineDoctor, 1,023 of those people had a sex-related injury at some point in their life. While sex-related injuries run the gamut, ranging from small things like rug burn and bruises, to, yes, the broken penis and even other broken things, the fact that 62 percent of people have suffered a sex-related injury should make us all a bit more aware of just how common they are.

While the number one injury for women is a sore vagina, at 57 percent, men are a bit luckier. For them, the number one sex-related injury is back pain, at 41 percent, followed by cramped muscles, at 34 percent, and a sore penis at 18 percent. Only six percent of those surveyed had suffered a broken or fractured penis.

How does one avoid such things? Well, considering 33 percent of these injuries were caused by having rough sex, taking it down a notch is a great place to start. Secondly, being aware of what sex positions are most likely to result in an injury is also something worth noting. So, here are the top 10 positions that injure men the most frequently.


Hand Job

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Yikes — 2.8 percent of guys have found themselves injured after a hand job. Fun fact about hand jobs: lube really comes in ~handy~.


Oral Sex

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When you read that 3.6 percent of men have suffered injuries from oral sex, the immediate thought may be teeth. While there are some men who do like to feel a bit (emphasis on "a bit") of grazing against their penis, it's still a fairly delicate part of the body.


Anal Sex

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Well, of course! Without lube, having anal sex is a dangerous situation for both men and women. So, for 3.8 percent of men to have suffered a sex-related injury because of anal, it's not exactly breaking news. Lube, lube, lube. Spit just doesn't cut it for anal.


69 Standing Up

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Any position that involves two people standing and one person holding the other person up while their upside down is bound to end in a disaster. And, for 4.0 percent of men, it's ended up in an injury, in addition to a disaster.


Reverse Cowgirl

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Not only have 5.9 percent of men suffered an injury because of it, but one in five of those men ended up with a sore penis and quarter of them either broke or fractured their penis. Be careful AF with this one.


Switching Between Positions

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When you hurt yourself while trying to change positions, it's the moment when you realize — gasp! — porn makes it seem way too easy. It's also in that moment that 6.3 percent of guys have injured themselves.



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Again, we have a position that, because the guy isn't in total control, he's sort of at the whim of his partner — meaning, if things start to feel not so great, he should communicate that fact, as opposed to sticking it out. However, 7.7 percent of guys have suffered an injury from having sex in the cowgirl position and 63 percent of those injuries were to the penis.

Speaking of communication, the survey found that 2.0 percent of both men and women suffered injuries because of miscommunication.



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For 8.1 percent of men, standing sex positions were the ones that caused them an injury of some sort. It doesn't mater how limber you are or how amazing you think your balance is, standing sex positions should always include something to lean on or up against.


Doggy Style

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Although not number one on the list, the doggy style position is the culprit for 15.9 percent of men — the top injury here, at 35 percent, is penis-related. While the survey didn't get into the particulars of whether or not it was just soreness of something worse, it's still information worth pocketing. Rounding out the top three injuries for men during doggy style is leg pain, at 29 percent, and back pain, at 18 percent.



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As for the number one position that's most likely to result in an injury of some sort? Missionary. I know! I'm just as surprised as you are. But for 19.2 percent of men missionary has resulted in injuries — and for 32 percent of guys it's been a penis one. Ouch.

With 53 percent of men having to go to the doctor for a sex-related injury and 14 percent having to make a beeline to the ER, it's just not worth sticking out pain in hopes of reaching an orgasm. Sure, it will make for a funny story, once the pain wears, but still — be careful out there!