Jax & Brittany’s Engagement Photos Have A HILARIOUS Detail 'Vanderpump Rules' Fans Will Love

Jesse Grant/Bravo

Are you in the mood for some off-season Vanderpump Rules content? Of course you are. So let us begin: Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright shared some more engagement photos. In the latest portraits, the affianced couple poses on the beach in formalwear. Jax is in a suit, Brittany is in a gauzy ruby red gown, and both look like they could hop off that boardwalk, climb aboard a Bird scooter, and zip on down to the Emmys (you know, as if Pump Rules actually received a much-deserved nomination. Ugh, that snub still burns). Like the photo People released last month, these engagement pictures were taken by photographer Courtney Berman. You can see Berman's work (lots of Vander-stars!) here.

Jax also shared a little behind-the-scenes snapshot on Instagram Stories. He wrote on the post,

“Little behind the scenes, photos by @cberms leaf blower: @stassischroeder hair by @hairbybradleyleake makeup: @jaredlips."

Get in the truck, turn the key in the ignition, put your foot on the brake, throw the car in reverse, put your foot on the accelerator, and back the truck up: Stassi Schroeder helped out with Jax and Brittany’s engagement shoot. If you had tapped me on my shoulder in the year 2014 and said, “In a few years, Jax will get engaged to a woman who is not Stassi, Stassi will help out with the engagement photo shoot, and Stassi will be chummy with both Jax and his fiancée,” I would’ve replied, “Well, I guess I’ve had one too many Big Pinkys” even though I have never tried a Big Pinky.

In the early days of Vanderpump Rules, Jax and Stassi were a couple. Their relationship did not end well. And they remained on bad terms for quite a while. Heck, it was only three seasons ago when Stassi literally ran out of a SUR party the moment Jax arrived. Their breakup was far from a conscious uncoup-SUR-ling.

But now it is the year 2018. Jax is engaged to Pump Rules Season 4 addition Brittany. And Stassi, Jax’s ex-girlfriend and former nemesis, was on leaf blower duty at Jaxany’s engagement photo shoot. Never underestimate the healing power of Pump Rules.

Sure, given the present-day dynamic of the group, this is not that strange: Brittany is one of Stassi's good friends, Jax and Stassi’s wildly messy relationship ended approximately one bajillion years ago, and everything seems to be chill now. Stassi and Jax's rocky past is in the past; the gaslighting, the infidelities, the name-calling, the accusations, the bucket of supplements that was dumped down the drain — it's all hist-SUR-y.

Jax and Brittany got engaged on June 7 after three years of dating. It was a watershed moment for Jax, a sea change (SUR change?) for Pump Rules’ number one playboy. But it appears as though Jax is a changed man, and he and Brittany are ready to take their relationship to a legal level.

And Stassi, Jax's ex-girlfriend/former nemesis/current pal, will not be leaf-t out of the fun.

Photos courtesy of Courtney Berman