Video of Cardi B Performing For The First Time Since Giving Birth Will Leave You In Awe

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Just when you think Cardi B would take a weekend off from her hectic life, she'll surprise you. This video of Cardi B performing "Motorsport" at Madison Square Garden shows her triumphant return to the stage, and the only thing better than her performance is hearing the crowd go absolutely wild for her. Cardi has not performed live since welcoming daughter Kulture in July 2018, and recently pulled out of a live tour with Bruno Mars. So even though Drake and Migos were putting on a show in Cardi B's hometown, it's unlikely anyone thought they'd get to see her perform onstage.

In the video, fans can watch Cardi strut down a catwalk while rapping. You can barely hear her over the din, but she just flips her knee-length electric pink wig and keeps on going. About halfway through the video, too, you can see Cardi B embracing husband Offset (of Migos) while they sway to the beat. It is so cute. And everyone knew it.

"Cardi B hitting the stage at MSG is the loudest and most excited that building has been in a while," wrote Twitter user @geespin, ending his observation with a simple "Wow". Cardi quote-tweeted the comment and wrote:

"I was so nervous and the stage was shakin"

Whether the stage was shaking from the thunderous applause for real or just due to her nerves is unclear. Still, she charged up there with such an energy, no one would ever know she felt nervous at all.

She only appeared onstage for about 90 seconds, but it was enough. You can hear the electricity in the room change. In case you can't watch the video right now, know that you aren't missing too too much; it's about two minutes long in total, and is cut together from different angles of the stage. After her verse, Cardi stayed on for a moment longer while Offset took over, and then quietly danced her way offstage. It was the briefest and most delightful of cameos, Okurrr?

Cardi did leave the tour with Bruno Mars recently, so she's likely not planning to join the Aubrey and The Three Migos tour. In other words: this was probably a one-time deal. However, she and Offset did get engaged during a performance in Philadelphia last fall, and Philly is just two hours from New York. It's possible she'd surprise fans at their September 15 appearance. Possible. Not probable; she's a hardworking mom. So maybe, just maybe, fans will be able to catch her at the Atlanta tour dates. That's Offset's hometown, and where they're reportedly building a home for their family.

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All in all, Cardi B is having her biggest year yet. She dropped her LP Invasion of Privacy, shot an upcoming music video with Selena Gomez, Ozuna, and DJ Snake, and did quite a bit of it while expecting a baby. She's still active on Twitter and Instagram, and the GQ profile on her is a must-read. She might not have returned to touring yet, but based on this MSG cameo, Cardi B is showing no signs of slowing down.