Wells Adams Wished Sarah Hyland A Happy Birthday In The Most Perfect Instagram

David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Anyone who follows Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams' love story knows that they're the perfect couple and turns out, Adams thinks Hyland is pretty perfect too (no duh). In an Instagram post from Saturday, Adams wished Hyland a happy birthday where he called her "perfect." The Modern Family actress turned 28 on Nov. 24 and her radio DJ and Bachelor Nation boyfriend paid tribute to her with a love-filled post. The pair has never shied away from sharing their affection for one another on social media and on the day of Hyland's birth, Adams doubled down on how grateful he is to have her in his life.

Hyland and Adams went on their first date in September 2017 and they've had plenty of relationship milestones since then. The 32-year-old Adams and his beloved bloodhound Carl moved into Hyland's Los Angeles home in August and they couple has rocked not one, but two epic Halloween costumes. Hyland's 28th birthday marks the second time these two have celebrated the anniversary of her birth together.

"It's that can't-eat, can't-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of stuff," Adams wrote in his birthday post. "Happy birthday @sarahhyland! You're perfect and I love you most. Now pack your bags, cus baby, we're jumping on a plane and heading down to the islands tomorrow!"

It's still technically autumn in New York, but Adams shared his birthday message with a series of throwback photos of them hanging out in Central Park on a snowy day. These photos seem to be from when Adams and Hyland spent New Year's Eve in New York City last year. Even though they aren't romantically nuzzling in the snow together this Nov. 24, Adams made it clear in his post that they are stoked to travel to some tropical weather.

Since they began dating, Hyland and Wells have been pretty inseparable. For her 27th birthday, they went to Disneyland with her friends. Adams also dedicated a birthday post to her then where he compared Hyland to a helicopter since, "They make you feel like you're floating." And similar to how he called her perfect this year, he added that she is his "favorite thing."

Adams isn't the only one in this adorable couple to share the birthday love. For his birthday in May, Hyland posted a sweet photo of them cuddling. "This picture was taken three days after three words were exchanged. My smile has only grown, my heart has only deepened, and my world has only gotten better ever since," she wrote. "You are the most phenomenal man I have ever met and I am the luckiest woman in the world to have you by my side."

While they are famous and about to embark on an island vacay for her birthday, Adams and Hyland also manage to be highly relatable in their coupledom. After Adams posted his birthday message to Hyland, a fan wrote on Twitter that they'd like to go on a double date with them because, who wouldn't? Adams wrote back, "So you wanna put on sweats and binge Manifest with us on a Saturday night? Weird flex, but ok." Of course, this only led to more people volunteering to join Hyland and Adams in their low-key antics. This sounds like an Omaze fundraising giveaway in the making.

With Hyland's birthday so close to Thanksgiving, the pair also spent the holiday together. Yet, there's no documentation since Hyland wrote, "Our thanksgiving was so amazing we forgot to take pictures." But she still shared a silly snap of them from last year with Adams munching on Hyland's turkey hat. "I love and am very grateful my turkey," she said.

As this couple continues to become more and more committed to one another and more major holidays pop up, you can look forward to other posts of them celebrating together. And in the meantime, you can just enjoy keeping up with their day-to-day love on social media that, in the words of Adams, seems to be quite perfect.