Let's Hope This 'BiP' Cast Member Has More Fun Paradise Than She Did With Arie

Paul Hebert/ABC

Like fellow Bachelor Season 22 and Bachelor In Paradise Season 5 contestant Bibiana, Annaliese on Arie's season of The Bachelor only lasted three weeks. Although fans might not be as familiar with Annaliese as they are with Bibiana (who also appeared on Winter Games), the 33-year-old event designer certainly made an impression on Bachelor Nation. Unfortunately, that impression led to some unkind responses since people on social media often teased Annaliese for becoming emotional during group dates. But that wasn't enough to stop her from trying to find love on national television again. Annaliese will be on Bachelor In Paradise Season 5 when it premieres on Aug. 7 and hopefully, she has a better experience there than she did on The Bachelor.

The limo exits during the first episode of each season are essential in getting recognized and Annaliese had a pretty memorable one. She channeled Arie's nickname from his time on Emily Maynard's Bachelorette season — the Kissing Bandit — which he earned for always stealing kisses from Emily. Annaliese wore a mask and carried a sack of kisses to embody this persona — and she added to the intrigue by initially refusing to tell Arie her name. It was a flirty and fun first impression and while she didn't get the first impression rose (that distinction went to Chelsea, who will join Annaliese in Paradise), Arie did give her a rose at the end of the night.

However, that might just have been the highlight of Annaliese's time on The Bachelor. The next week, she participated in the demolition derby race group date. While Arie is a race car driver, Annaliese was very scared for the aggressive date. She explained that when she was a child, she was on bumper cars and felt trapped when her car got stuck in the middle. The Bachelor mocked Annaliese's trauma with a reenactment of this incident and many fans of the show also made fun of her. But Arie was sympathetic to Annaliese when she explained why she was upset. And, in the end, Annaliese conquered her fears to do a pretty bang-up job in the demolition derby.

Then, in Week 3, Annaliese got anxious during a group date again. She wasn't involved in the wrestling date, which saw some other women become emotional, but she did have to compete in a dog show. She explained how her grandparents' dog attacked her when she was a child and The Bachelor milked this for all it was worth with another reenactment.

Yet again, she persevered (after all, Annaliese's Instagram account shows that she actually is a fan of dogs), but that didn't stop viewers from laughing at how The Bachelor edited these moments. And while no one's traumas should be mocked, Annaliese did take the whole thing in stride and even poked fun at herself on Instagram with a clip from Friends.

But Week 3 was the end of Annaliese's Bachelor journey. She tried to get a kiss from the Kissing Bandit during the cocktail party, but he rejected her by saying they weren't there yet. After that, she approached him again to ask if he saw a future with her, he realized he didn't and sent her home before the rose ceremony even occurred. The only person eliminated at the actual rose ceremony was Bibiana, so these contestants will be able to commiserate with one another during Bachelor In Paradise.

Annaliese's childhood traumas became the most notable thing about her time on The Bachelor. And it seems she was hurt a little by all of the feedback. While her Instagram account still lists her Twitter username as @annaliese_p_, she deleted her Twitter after her Bachelor appearance. So Bachelor In Paradise will not only give Annaliese another opportunity for love on the reality TV franchise, but she'll also be able to prove that she's so much more than her scary childhood moments and those Bachelor reenactments.