It’s Never Too Early To Start Speculating About the ‘Vanderpump’ Reunion

Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network

Bravo programming is such that just when you think you've hit the climax of a season, things are just warming up. Vanderpump Rules came straight out of the gate with a Jax and Brittany cheating scandal, and the show hasn't slowed down since. But when is the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 reunion? Fans want to know when they'll see all of the important plot lines of Season 6 rehashed within the group.

UPDATE: Bravo has confirmed to Bustle that the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 reunion will begin airing on May 7.

EARLIER: This season has been 10 pounds of drama in a five-pound bag, but that's what you can expect when Lisa Vanderpump is at the helm. In recent years, Vanderpump Rules has felt a little one-note, focusing on one drama all season long. It's hard to care even about the weirdest, most jaw-dropping actions of the cast if they're the focus of 24 hours of television. But in Season 6, Vanderpump Rules is all over the place — in a good way. An exact air date of the Vanderpump Rules reunion isn't known yet. Typically, the show premieres in the late fall/early winter and ends in the spring, so we can probably expect a reunion sometime around April or May. We're only halfway through the season right now! And when that reunion finally rolls around, here are the plots the show needs to cover. I need to know what Lala thinks about everything, okay?

Jax Cheating On Brittany

Jax can be a real dog. We've seen him endlessly cheat and lie in his past relationships. That's not really up for debate. Both Jax and Brittany would agree. But harping on Jax and Faith for another season wouldn't just be boring for viewers — it would be terrible for Brittany, especially. If she's trying to move past Jax's indiscretion, how is it possible when it's constantly brought up in front of her face? Let the Season 6 reunion be the end of talking about it. If Jax cheats again, let's bring it back up. But if not, sleeping dogs (pun intended) can lie.

Ariana's Past Relationship

Ariana and Tom seem like the perfect couple, but this season, she revealed that they're virtually never intimate because she doesn't like to be touched anywhere "down there". An emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend always told her how disgusting her body was, and that's not something a woman forgets. Ariana is in therapy now, and she's working through the issues there and with Tom. I would love to hear more about her journey at the reunion, as well as how she and Tom are doing today. I would also like the name of her ex-boyfriend so I can TP his house.

James' Behavior Towards Raquel

Raquel, James' girlfriend, is basically a bit player now — she's around when James is, and she chats with the cast here and there, but that's it. She was the center of the pasta controversy, but that's it. But she did express to Lala how uncomfortable it made her that James acts so affectionately to Lala, and James even told Lala that it was something Raquel would have to just accept. The Vanderpump Rules reunion needs to have Raquel laying down her own rules and confronting James about his highly inappropriate behavior.

Scheana's Divorce

Did you know Scheana got married? Did you know Scheana got divorced? Did you know that's she's with "a man" now who can hang a television in seven minutes (which I'm pretty sure isn't possible if he measured twice and cut once)? Yes, you do, because she tells everyone every aspect of her life. If your friends are rolling their eyes at your relationship, the rest of America is, too. The only thing I want to see from Scheana at the Vanderpump Rules reunion is her defending the fact that she and Rob broke up last October. The lady doth protest too much, I think, and now she has to realize that it's okay to be alone. Maybe someone can tell her that at the reunion?

What's Happening With Tom Tom

Lisa dangled the Tom Tom carrot over Sandoval and Schwartz's heads over a season ago at Schwartz's wedding. What's the deal? Why isn't it open? The Toms aren't the most responsible of characters, but Lisa Vanderpump can do anything. She reopened SUR three days after a massive fire. She could open Tom Tom in a week. Andy Cohen should ask if Tom Tom is even a real thing or if it's just a made-up storyline so the Toms get to do something in Season 6.

There's plenty of Vanderpump Rules to go in Season 6, but it's never too early to think about the reunion. Rehashing old drama is something this group is particularly good at.