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The 7 Buzziest Skin Care Trends To Know About This Fall

Sweater weather hits your vanity.

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We Asked A Plastic Surgeon About Kim Kardashian's Salmon Sperm Facial

Everything to know about the out-there treatment.

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This Bouncy Overnight Mask Feels Like A Hug For Your Skin

It also claims to help you fake two nights of sleep in one.

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AI Overload

I Asked a Dermatologist to Rate ChatGPT’s Skin Care Advice — Here’s What Happened

And there was one answer that it got wrong.

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Winning Look

Carissa Moore’s Pre-Competition Playlist Includes Kita Alexander & Billie Eilish

Plus, how she’s prepping her skin and mind for the 2024 Olympics.

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30 Summertime Body Care Essentials To Tuck In Your Beach Bag

As chosen by our editors.

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The Biggest Beauty Trend Of 2024 Is...Your Brain

From neurocosmetics to functional perfume, beauty products are tapping into emotions like never before.

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The Skin Care Trends Are In: Summer 2024 Is About Barrier Healing

Here are the need-to-know trends for the season.

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We Tested Hundreds Of Skin Care Products — These Are The 25 Best

Everything you need to reveal the softest skin (and lips!) of your life.

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TikTok’s Favorite Derm Has A Brand-New Skin Care Brand

Bustle catches up with Dr. Shah.

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Dr. Shereene Idriss Has Some Thoughts On Today’s Skin Care Trends

Plus, the celebrity derm’s namesake beauty line launches in Sephora.

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