Ami Colé's Skin Melt Loose Powder Is An MVP For Shine Control

It has shine-zapping powers for all skin tones.

An hones review of Ami Colé's Skin Melt Loose Powder, which is perfect for subtle shine control.
Ami Colé

Ami Colé, a beauty brand that launched in the spring of 2021, has quickly become a cult favorite within the industry. It initially came out with three (really good) products and a mission to center melanin-rich skin and experiences via minimalist makeup meant for Black and Brown women. Just this month — much to the excitement of its dedicated following — it added a new product to the lineup: the Ami Colé Skin Melt Loose Powder, a talc-free setting powder that aims to help makeup last all day and rid your skin of shine without the dreaded dried out, ashy look.

Personally, I keep my everyday makeup routine pretty simple when it comes to the base. I’ll typically apply a tinted sunscreen and then follow that up with a bit of powder foundation to tackle any unwanted shine, but I never want to lose that dewy glow — which is why I’m always looking for a product that prevents my skin from looking overly drenched but still luminous. So, naturally, a review of Ami Colé’s Skin Melt Loose Powder was in store. Scroll on for my honest thoughts on the new launch.

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Fast Facts

Price: $22

Best for: Reducing shine, setting makeup

Your rating: 4.5/5

Brand: Ami Colé

Clean/Cruelty-Free?: Yes

What we like: Looks natural, melts into skin quickly

What we don't like: A bit messy, easy to use too much

My Skin

My complexion falls on the combination side, so I mainly get that excess oil production on my forehead, nose, and chin. Since I’m all about my finished makeup look being fresh and subtly luminescent rather than matte, my typical experience with setting powders hasn’t been that great. First of all, it’s hard to find one that blends into my milk chocolate skin tone. Foundation may be more shade inclusive, but powders aren’t quite there yet. Not only that, but lots of formulas wind up sucking all the moisture off of my face and leave me looking ashy or overly matte. Since Ami Colé is a Black-owned brand centered on celebrating Blackness, however, I had high hopes for their take on the product.

Ami Colé’s Skin Melt Loose Powder

As the name suggests, the powder promises to melt into your skin for a natural, matte finish while working to reduce oil-based shine without drying. To deliver on the hydration, the super-fine formula uses hyaluronic acid — a humectant that pulls moisture from the air — and omega-3-rich baobab seed extract. Ami Colé’s Skin Melt Loose Powder is also enriched with powdered amethyst, which is purported to help soothe the skin, and powdered rose quartz to boost your radiance.

You can choose from three shades: Rich/Deep, Deep/Medium, and Translucent (complementary to all skin tones). Much like the other products in Ami Colé’s line — aka the Skin-Enhancing Tint, Light-Catching Highlighter, and Lip Oil Treatment — the Skin Melt works as another makeup essential that gives you that coveted no-makeup makeup look.

First Impression

After swiping on the new Ami Cole Skin Melt Loose Powder.

I went for the Deep/Medium shade, and when I first pulled it from its vibrant tangerine box and looked at the jar of sand-colored, super-fine powder, I thought I’d screwed up. This is way too light, I thought. Then I recalled other setting powders I’ve tried that looked closer to my skin tone in the jar only to show up too dark on my face — so I figured I shouldn’t judge it until it was on my skin.

Per the instructions, I picked up some of the powder with my brush and tapped the handle on the side of the jar to get rid of any excess. (Pro tip: If you think you’ve knocked off enough, knock off a little more.) I applied it to my T-zone, under-eye area, and jawline — basically everywhere except my cheekbones and temples. I tend to like the extra sheen on those spots for that sun-kissed, light-reflecting effect. I gazed into the mirror and was happy to see that the Deep/Medium shade worked just fine for me.

The Results

As advertised — and like magic — in 60 seconds the shine on my skin disappeared after applying Skin Melt, and so too did any visible trace of the powder. The end result? An airbrushed complexion that looked natural and hydrated — and not at all cakey or chalky. Sold.

Final Verdict

I’d buy the Ami Colé’s Skin Melt Loose Powder again, and if you’re looking for a lightweight setting powder, you should consider grabbing a jar, too. It does what it promises without looking like a heavy layer of dust is sitting on your face — instead, you’re left with a natural-looking glow in all the right places. Oh, and if your Skin Melt Loose Powder needs a mate, I highly recommend Ami Colé’s recently launched multifunctional tapered powder brush for the application job.