Belly Button Rings Are The Unofficial Piercing Of Fashion Week 2023

Here’s your excuse to live out your Y2K piercing dreams.

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Belly button rings are the hottest piercing of fashion week.
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After years of high-waisted pants, bare midriffs have been making their way back into the fashion world, with models and guests at fashion week strutting their abs in low-rise bottoms. It only stands to reason that belly button rings would also have their moment in the sun. (Literally.)

Julia Fox, style icon that she is, has played a major role in making belly button rings the unofficial piercing of fashion week. She was spotted outside the Courrèges show in Paris, France wearing an all-black outfit with a belly button cut-out — another big look at fashion week — to showcase her piercing. She was then seen in yet another naval-bearing ensemble with a tiny belly button ring on display. And she’s not the only one; there have been countless pierced belly buttons peeking out of outfits worn by guests at fashion shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Of course, new piercing trends make their way onto the runways and into the streets of fashion week every season. For Spring/Summer 2022, designers were all about septum piercings and lower lip rings. In 2021, the bigger you could get your earrings, the better. And now, according to the Fall Winter 2023/2024 shows, belly button rings are the piercing to have. Bedazzled navels were seen on the Spring 2023 Puppets and Puppets runway on model Mia Regan, for example, who wore hers with a bra, blazer, and low-rise pants. Then, over at Courrèges, models strutted the catwalk with faux belly button piercings featuring the brand’s logo.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to live out your Y2K belly button ring dreams — or to officially steal Julia Fox’s look — this is definitely it.

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