2023 Piercing Trends That Will Upgrade Your Body Art Game

Time to grow that stack.

The biggest piercing trends of 2023.
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The start of a new year is the perfect time to update your style. You can become a low-rise jeans person, finally get that wolf haircut you’ve been eyeing, and maybe even get a piercing or two as a way to change up your look. If you’re thinking about the latter, there are some really fun piercing trends of 2023 you should have on your radar.

Having curated stacks and multiple piercings have definitely been a thing for the past few years, and it looks like that’ll continue into 2023, says Lisa Bubbers, the co-founder and chief brand officer at Studs. Piercing trends are often swayed by celebs and social media, she tells Bustle, so you can look to stars like Zoe Kravitz, Zendaya, and Kourtney Kardashian to see where they’re placing their gems. Also big? Septum piercings (see: Florence Pugh).

You can also let your social media algorithm be your guide, says Jim Kelly, the manager of piercing training at Banter by Piercing Pagoda. Scroll through TikTok or Instagram and you’ll see folks showing off studs, hoops, and jewels in really interesting ways. In fact, that’s why Kelly says you can’t really go wrong when curating your body gems. “There is so much diversity to the trend of body piercing in general,” he says. So if you see something you like, there’s no need to overthink it — just take a screenshot, call a piercer, and give one (or more!) of these popular looks a try.

1. Second & Third Holes

Since multiple piercings aren’t going out of style anytime soon, Bubbers says this could be your year to finally take the plunge and go for that second or third hole. More piercings mean more real estate for multiple hoops or a line of studs for a stacked look — and you can easily switch things up depending on your mood.

2. Exterior Ridge

For a slightly more adventurous take on the cartilage piercing, Bubbers suggests going for something on the exterior ridge of your ear, like the anti-helix. If you like the look, think about wearing a few hoops for a Y2K vibe or studs to keep things classic with a twist.

3. Forward Helix

You know the place where your ear starts to meet your cheek? That’s called a forward helix, and it’s going to be a super popular spot for jewels and studs in 2023, according to Bubbers. Opt for a shiny stud to add a pop of light by your face or slide in a lightning bolt, snake, or dagger stud for an edgier vibe.

4. Snakebite

Snakebite piercings — aka two piercings right next to each other — were everywhere in 2022. And Bubbers notes the style will only get bigger in 2023. “The snakebite is staying strong,” she says, so if you’ve yet to hop on the trend, there’s still plenty of time.

5. Contra Conch

Bubbers also points to the contra conch piercing, which lands mid-ear in the cartilage. It’s the perfect place to add a cute little gem, stud, or something more ornate.

6. Mid Helix

According to Bubbers, the mid helix or double mid helix also looks fresh — and they’re less traditional than a standard lobe piercing. It’s an ideal location for a snakebite if you want two piercings, but it also looks good with a single stud or hoop.

7. Industrial Piercings

Industrial piercings are also going to be adorning many an ear this year, predicts Kelly. For a standout look go for a straight-across bar or opt for a dangly chain or decorative design for something more dainty.

8. Lip Piercings

If you’ve been lusting after a lip piercing, this is your time to make the jump. “Lip piercings [are becoming popular again] as the mid-2000s underground music style is coming back,” Kelly says. To honor the vibe, go for an inverse vertical lip piercing, a jestrum on your top lip, or an old-school center lip labret.

9. Asymmetrical Ear Stacks

Asymmetrical ear stacks should also be on your radar. The idea is to have completely different piercings from one ear to the other, Kelly says, so you can rock a dangly earring on one side and a funky stud on the other — or whatever feels right. “The chaos is what makes it fun,” he says.

10. Septums

Septum piercings have been cool for literal decades, but Kelly says they’re definitely dominating the body art world in 2023. “Septums are here to stay due to the diversity of jewelry you can wear in them,” he says. What’s special about this placement, according to Kelly, is that it’s easy to hide if you need to, so it’s super versatile.


Lisa Bubbers, co-founder, chief brand officer at Studs

Jim Kelly, manager of piercing training at Banter by Piercing Pagoda