The K-Beauty "Blush Nails" Trend Is Perfect For Your Inner Soft Girl

A bashful aura.

When it comes K-Beauty products (and Korean-born trends in general) — you can usually expect a high level of innovation and a serious element of cute. Case in point? Countless skin care products that hail from Korea are filled with some of the most powerfully nourishing ingredients, like fermented rice water or snail mucus, yet are often housed in bottles that feature a sweetly pastel color palette or even adorably drawn characters.

The latest trend to emerge within the world of all things K-Beauty? Blush nails. And TBH: The result makes your nail-beds look as if they are flushed and overcome with a bashful shyness.

Similar to the on-trend aura nails that have celebs like Megan Fox obsessed, a blushed manicure most often features a high-shine, “lip gloss-inspired” layer of lacquer as its base, with the center of the nail radiating with a well-blended aura color.

With blush nails, however, manicurists and at-home painters alike opt for a slightly more pigmented pinkish color that mimics blushed cheeks in lieu of something more vibrant to create that subtle, soft girl effect at the center of each nail.

Julie Kandalec — a celeb-loved manicurist who most recently created Jessica Chastain’s bedazzled Met Gala manirecently shared this pro tip with Bustle: Once that initial aura layer has been diffused, add another drop of the same blush color in the aura’s center for some added dimension and to “get an airbrush effect.” Repeat until you’re happy with how it looks.

Blush Nails With Polish

Using a tiny tool — or a sponge — softly blend the edges of your blushed aura for that subtle appearance.

Blush Nails With Eyeshadow

Using a pink hue à la your fave powdered blush or eyeshadow — the blush nail trend is all the more accessible with this buzzy TikTok hack.