I Tried Dolce Glow Self-Tanner & It's *Really* Good

Consider me converted.

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Behind just about every glowing star, there is sure to be a tan artist. And in the case of Isabel Alysa — she’s managed to build a loyal clientele of major celebs like Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Becky G, Sabrina Carpenter ... and that’s seriously just scratching the surface. While she’s been a mainstay in the Los Angeles scene for years, Alysa has been developing her *own* range of self tanners for quite some time now.

Enter: Dolce Glow, a dreamy collection of tan-meets-skin care products that allow those of all skin tones to instantly or gradually enhance their glow. And boasting self-tanners in the form of hydrating lotions, effortless mists, creamy mousses, and luxurious serum drops, your complexion is sure to look as if you’ve been taking romantic strolls on the Italian coast.

As her A-list clients have tested the formulations since inception, one in particular believed so deeply in the product that she signed on as a partner: None other than the queen herself, Miley Cyrus. And alongside Alysa, the powerful duo wants everyone to embrace their most confident, glowing self (sans any skin damage from UV rays, of course).

Alysa tells Bustle just how natural this partnership has come to be, saying their “relationship has evolved” over the years and turned into a deep friendship. She notes how Cyrus absolutely fell in love with the products, admired her hustle, and wanted to be a part of it, and how much of a “dream business partner” Miley has been.

While Alysa’s life is seemingly filled with the glitz, glamour, and celebrity — she candidly shares how this wasn’t always the case. Growing up as a foster child, Alysa discovered spray tans at the age of 18 during a particularly dark period in her life. She explains how immediately, the glow gave her a confidence she forgot she had, and years later, she learned about the art of spray tans and began her business. It only took six months of tanning for Kylie Jenner to notice Alysa and see what made her special.

Years later — and with a brand named after her daughter, Mia Dolce Vita — she is not only able to provide that same confidence and self-love she once experienced for her clients, but for everyone.

The Dolce Glow Difference

ICYWW, Australia leads the self-tanning and sun care industry, with incredibly high safety standards when it comes to their formulations — which is why Alysa has chosen the innovative destination to develop Dolce Glow. That being said? Expect the brand to *always* be clean, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and filled with nourishing ingredients.

My Experience With Dolce Glow’s Self-Tanners

As someone with skin on the lighter side, I’ve tested quite a few different self-tanners — and TBH, it’s typically an arduous process that takes hours, requires me to sit on my floor rather than on my beige couch, and leaves a strong scent on my skin that doesn’t fully fade away for days.

Dolce Glow’s Luce Clear Self-Tanning Mist, however, is truly a unicorn of a tanning product. In a few minutes time, I easily misted the tanner along my entire body, adding a bit of hydration by way of jojoba, Australian macadamia, and Bulgarian rose oils. Over the course of a few hours, I developed an even, subtly sun-kissed glow that added a certain vibrancy and radiance to my skin. Never have I experienced such an effortless (and scentless!) glow. Did I mention it has absolutely zero scent?

As for the Dolce Glow’s Self-Tanning Serum Drops, I applied it in tandem with my go-to skin routine, giving my complexion a juicy boost of hydration and a soft glow to match. Not only is the formula richly luxe and decadent, but ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, and caffeine awaken your skin with youthful radiance.

In other words? Consider me converted.