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Dua Lipa Matched Her Accessories To Her “Cherry Coke” Hair

She’s in her burgundy era.

Dua Lipa wears a fuzzy cream coat, jeans, and maroon accessories.
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There’s a ton of buzz surrounding Dua Lipa’s upcoming single titled “Houdini,” evoking images of the disappearing illusionist. Nothing about her recent outings, however, could be deemed incognito — especially not with her new fiery red hair color and matching ’fits.

One such ensemble was photographed on Wednesday. Lipa, ever the style savant, elevated her casual vibe by coordinating her ’do with her accessories. With a generous serving of mahogany accents, her look was attention-grabbing in the best way.

Dua’s Casual Winter ’Fit

The “Sweetest Pie” singer looked effortlessly cool while promoting her new song in London. Channeling the model-off-duty uniform, Lipa wore a plain black T-shirt, which she casually tucked into light-wash jeans — and the simplicity ends there.

Always one to add a high-fashion flair, she piled on luxe statement pieces. The most decadent came in the form of a fuzzy coat that looked both cozy and posh. Its creamy fluff served as the perfect backdrop against which her accessories popped.

Flaunting her styling prowess, Lipa expertly added bits of color to her otherwise neutral getup. And the inspiration? Her own “Cherry Coke” hair color, of course.

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The Mane Attraction

The undeniable star of Lipa’s look is her new autumnal coloring. A natural brunette, Lipa made her crimson debut on Instagram last month, after scrubbing her social media clean.

Since then, the “Levitating” singer has been rocking red non-stop (ex: crimson tights with white undies). In the most recent instance, Lipa accessorized her ensemble with wine-colored items that recalled her scarlet hair. She held a massive leather bag folded like a clutch in vivid burgundy.

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She adhered to the same philosophy for her choice of footwear, wearing red-tinted Western boots. Lipa tucked her jeans into the croc-style shoes, fully showcasing the footwear in all its glossy maroon glory.

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Per Rachel Lapidos, Bustle’s Senior Lifestyle & Beauty Editor, matching one’s outfit to one’s hair (and vice versa) has been a go-to celeb move as of late, citing other trendsetters Hailey Bieber and Julia Fox as examples.

A Hollywood Favorite: “Celebs have been using their hair color as an accessory, and Dua’s the latest to match her ‘Cherry Coke’ hair to her ’fit. Hailey Bieber did the same with her ‘cinnamon cookie butter’ hair, when she began rocking darker, more muted makeup tones, and Julia Fox once dyed her brows magenta to match her dress.” — Lapidos

Her Dainty Braids

While she’s mostly been styling her hair down, on Monday, Lipa injected a dose of fun with two tiny braids on each side of her head. (Braids are a big hair trend this winter, with Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid as early fans.)

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She’s truly in her “Cherry Coke” era.