11 Winter 2024 Hairstyle Trends That'll Spice Up Your Look

Put a bow on it.

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All the biggest winter hairstyle trends for 2024, according to top stylists.
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A new haircut may be the ultimate do-over when it comes to refreshing your look, but if you’re feeling something quick and easy — and a little less permanent — try rocking a clip, a braid, or a bow.

There are so many cute hairstyle trends like these coming your way this winter that’ll add some interest to your ‘do encyclopedia, perhaps taking the place of your go-to ponytail.

On the quick and easy end of the spectrum, there are balletcore-inspired dainty hair ribbons, like the kind that has been spotted on Zoë Kravitz and Hailey Bieber, as well as rainbow-hued clip-in extensions that’ll add a pop of color in a snap (literally).

If you feel like devoting a little more time to your hairstyle, that’s when you can grab all your mousses, sprays, and gels and attempt a Priscilla Presley-inspired bouffant or a messier version of Sofia Richie Grainge’s signature slicked-back bun.

Ready for major beauty inspo? Keep scrolling for the 11 biggest hairstyle trends you’ll see everywhere this winter, according to hair experts.


Priscilla-Inspired Bouffants

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According to celebrity hairstylist and Conair ambassador Laura Polko, the bouffant is about to have a major moment for the first time in ages, and it’s all thanks to the newly-released movie Priscilla that showcases Presley’s life.

A bouffant is a puffy, rounded hairstyle that was big — quite literally — in the ’50s and ’60s. The goal is to add a little — or a lot — of volume at the top of your head by teasing your strands and applying copious amounts of hairspray.

“Even if you don’t want to do this full style, you can use this technique in so many ways to amp up any look, especially for special events or holiday parties,” Polko tells Bustle.


Colorful Clip-Ins

If you’ve been craving a little color this season, you’re in luck. Hairstylist Dhairius Thomas predicts you’ll see a lot of contrasting highlights, and all you need to achieve them are a couple of clip-in extensions.

“The benefit of this hairstyle is that there’s no chemical risk or damage done to the hair, and no commitment to maintain color,” he tells Bustle. It’s all about having fun, whether you rock the extensions for a week or just a night out.

Thomas suggests using clip-ins that pop against your hair color. “Great color combos are usually black and blonde, black and red, and reds and blondes,” he says.


Messy Buns

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Sofia Richie Grainge made everyone fall in love with her extra sleek slicked-back bun, but it may be time to loosen it up a little.

From the runways of 3.1 Phillip Lim to Khaite, a messier version of the bun was spotted all over New York Fashion Week — and the style will be everywhere in the new year.

While the slicked-back portion of this hairstyle remains the same, the bun gets a messy makeover with pulled-out pieces and loose tendrils to create a laidback, slightly undone vibe.


Hair Clips

This winter, it may be time to take your hair accessory collection beyond your go-to claw clip. According to Polko, chic French clips are a fun new way to sweep your hair up and back. She also points to metallic snap clips, which can be lined up in a row to keep your bangs back.

“These stylish clips combine style and function,” she tells Bustle. “Whether you're heading to a holiday party or a cozy winter gathering, they make for a great winter hair accessory.”


Ribbons & Bows

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Balletcore ribbons and bows have been having a moment, and that’ll continue into winter — and beyond.

As Polko says, a balletcore ribbon is the perfect way to add a little flirty touch to your hair, whether you tie it at the end of your braids or the top of your ponytail.

Ribbons also look pretty when they’re worn loose or woven into a bun for a corset effect, à la the runway at Christian Sirano’s Spring/Summer 2024 show.


’90s Bombshell Waves

As if ribbons weren’t pretty enough, brace yourself for the resurgence of glamour with some sexy, swoopy waves, like the kind supermodel Cindy Crawford wore in the ’90s, says Ashlee Norman, a colorist and Schwarzkopf Professional ambassador. “The supers are super hot again, so it's time to get out that round brush and hot rollers.”

This bombshell hair has been spotted on Sabrina Carpenter, and it’s also big on TikTok where Victoria’s Secret models have been showing off their runway-worthy waves.


Rearranging Parts

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According to Brittany Johnson, a licensed multicultural hairstylist and senior brand marketing manager at beauty brand Mayvenn, the classic middle part will remain a staple into the new year. That said, it’s high time the side part gets a little love, too.

Middle parts look chic with slicked-back buns, Johnson says, but consider switching things up by wearing your hair down with curls or waves with a deep side part, like Zendaya — it serves old Hollywood glamour.


Day Three Hair

Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

The Miu Miu Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2024 showed models rocking day three hair for a brand new take on the wet hair trend.

Instead of a slicked-back look, it was all about greasy bangs, shiny roots, and half-wet-looking hair that embraced imperfect, slightly dirty-looking strands.

The style was also a hit at the Jason Wu show, where lead hairstylist Jimmy Paul went for wet-looking finger waves meant to make it look like the models just emerged from a shipwreck.


Glossy Braids

This winter is the ideal time to rock a low, long braid down your back.

According to Polko, this type of braid is one of the best ways to camouflage greasy hair — and it always looks chic.

For something even more youthful, rock braided pigtails like Selena Gomez for a little nostalgia and whimsy.


Tucked Back

Getty Images/Daniele Venturelli / Contributor

When was the time you wore your hair tucked behind your ears? Whether you have long strands or a bouncy bob, Amy Abramite, a stylist and creative director at Maxine Salon in Chicago says a quick tuck can change everything.

Hair pulled back behind the ears looks neat and effortlessly elegant, she tells Bustle. Take, for example, Laura Harrier’s bob, which gives off an entirely different vibe when styled this way.


“I Don’t Care” Hair

The vibe with “I don’t care” hair is unstyled, lived in, and relaxed, says Wes Sharpton, a stylist and lead brand educator with Hairstory.

“It’s a low-maintenance statement look that perfectly captures an effortlessly chic style,” he tells Bustle, adding that it’s a good option when you’re growing out a shorter cut.

Lady Gaga recently wore effortless waves with a blazer. Another take is to pull on a sweater and leave your ends tucked in à la Mary Kate and Ashley. Either way, it’s extra casual and will feel just right during a busy winter season.


Laura Polko, celebrity hairstylist, Conair ambassador

Ashlee Norman, colorist, Schwarzkopf Professional ambassador

Dhairius Thomas, hairstylist

Brittany Johnson, licensed multicultural hairstylist, senior brand marketing manager at Mayvenn

Amy Abramite, stylist, creative director at Maxine Salon in Chicago

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