Here's What Happened When I Recreated 4 Euphoria Eyeliner Looks

Face gems are now my jam.

Testing four of the most iconic 'Euphoria' eyeliner looks.

Euphoria’s second season may be over, but the show’s influence on beauty trends is certainly here to stay: Models at New York Fashion Week sported blue eyeshadow and hair gems, for example, while vibrant, multicolored eye makeup dominated Paris Haute Couture Week just a month prior. But the series’ influence is even more evident off of the catwalk, and experts cite the show as a primary influence for the bold shift we’re seeing in beauty trends overall. “Shows like Euphoria are constantly showing us what’s new in beauty, so we [as viewers] are constantly changing and evolving,” celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena recently told Bustle, adding that people are inspired to try looks after seeing them on their screens. As a result, Mena asserts that viewers are having more fun with their own glam: See the show’s impact on Y2K hairstyle revivals (remember Cassie’s bubble pony?), experimental eye makeup, and nail art.

After the finale aired, I sought to recreate the most iconic Euphoria eyeliner looks from Season 2 (you know, to help the show live on). Read on for how to master them for yourself — just make sure to stock up on Q-tips before you begin.

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1. Kat’s Blue Eyeshadow

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For my first attempt, I went with what the show’s makeup artist Donni Davy describes as “Kat’s Episode 5 ‘failed spontaneous intervention’ look” because it’s not too heavy on the eyeliner but is still playful and, of course, highly pigmented. In the episode, Kat’s sporting vivid blue eyeshadow that’s extended out into a dramatic wing.

To achieve the look, I first lined my bottom eyelids and inner corners with a light, glimmering gold shadow. Then, I drew the winged shadow shape over my eyelid with blue eyeliner — sort of as a “map” — and filled it in with matching shadow. It was the easiest of all the looks (which is why I chose it first), but makes such a bold statement. It’s hard to capture how good it looks in photos, but it’s so much fun and can be recreated with any color.

2. Cassie’s Studded Pink Glam

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In almost every episode of this season, Cassie is seen wearing some combination of pastel pink eyeshadow and eye gems. Davy calls this one a “Caddy moment” as it’s a hybrid of Maddy and Cassie’s signature looks. To copy it, I applied liquid eyeliner on both the upper and lower eyelids, then drew two wings: one larger wing angled upward, and a smaller one below it. Then, I applied two shades of eyeshadow — a light peach and a light pink (ideally ones that sparkle) — and blended them before applying more pink to the outer corners of the eye. Once the color was vivid enough, I applied eye gems to complete the rhinstone-encrusted glam. I personally used (and am now obsessed with) the SimiHaze Eye Play Gem Pack, which makes rocking Euphoria-style face gemstones a cinch.

3. Maddy’s Dramatic Eyeliner

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No list of iconic Euphoria eyeliner looks would be complete without Maddy’s, since she’s constantly wearing extra-sharp wings. In this specific look (from her birthday party), the inner corners of the eyes are blue. But the Maddy vibe is recognizable no matter which color (if any) you choose to combine the liner with, so really all you need to do is master the perfect wing. To do this, I used Stila’s blue eyeliner duo (which comes out in March) to line the inner corners of my eyes, then Stila liquid liner to create the dramatic triangular wing. I held a piece of paper beneath my eye each time to help shape it... and kept a hefty stash of Q-tips and makeup remover nearby to clean up any unwanted lines.

4. Lexi’s Main Character Moment

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Last but certainly not least is Lexi’s double-winged eye makeup from her play “Our Lives,” in which she plays an older, idealized (and satirical) version of herself. This was different than the more subtle makeup she’s worn earlier in the season, which makes sense considering it was her time to shine. To recreate the look, I lined each eye on the upper and lower lash lines (including the inner corners) with black liquid liner, then drew the four miniscule wings on the ends. Each tip reaches outwards towards the ear, sort of like a little spider. Once the liner was complete, I went over my lid, inner eye corners, and just beneath the brow with the sparkliest gold eyeshadow I could find — e.l.f. cosmetics’ Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow — and finished it off with red lipstick for my own main character moment.