9 Euphoria Season 2 Nail Art Looks I Can't Stop Thinking About

Nail artist Natalie Minerva is the G.O.A.T.

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'Euphoria' Season 2 nail art looks & designs were created by manicurist Natalie Minerva.
Eddy Chen / HBO

If you’re still recovering from last Sunday’s episode of Euphoria, you’re definitely not alone. But there’s one small bright spot in an otherwise very dark show that might make you feel better (for a little bit, at least): the dreamy and magnificent nail art created by the show’s lead nail artist Natalie Minerva.

Everyone always raves about Euphoria makeup (and rightfully so, because those looks never disappoint). But Season 2 is making a strong case for everyone to take notice of the amazing nail art. From Cassie’s embellished gems to Maddy’s graphic lines, Minerva has been giving everyone’s favorite characters some seriously cool nail designs to copy ASAP.

But she doesn’t create looks for the show exclusively. She has been dreaming up some of the most intricate and unique nail looks for years. (Other famous clients include Demi Lovato and Adele.) Whether you’re looking for a unique spin on the beloved French mani or intricate never-before-seen textures, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on her feed.

As far as Euphoria-specific designs, there are already plenty of looks to talk about from the first five episodes of Season 2. Below are the nine Euphoria nail art designs that I’m currently obsessing over.


Caged Nails

Spoiler Alert: If you’re not caught up on Euphoria, please skim ahead. Ready? Okay.

When Maddy finally found out Cassie has been sleeping with Nate, I thought two things. The first was, she’s going to end Cassie’s existence in her own home. The second was, I love her nails. All the finger-pointing and clapping in Cassie’s face with this graphic black-and-white, caged design was the perfect intense nail art to match a super chaotic scene.


Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Cassie is a mess this season, but a super small consolation is that her nails aren’t. These diamond-like jewels are placed against a pale pink background for a super pretty look. Plus these are the nails that she wore when she first hooked up with Nate, so historically they’re important in the Euphoria canon.


Lime Green Gingham

Minerva credits Alexa Demie for this French manicure with lime green plaid. Blue hearts, butterflies, sparkles, and the letter “M” give the look a personalized Maddy touch.


Mermaid Nails

These textured mermaid nails are so cool. Between the light turquoise base’s iridescent shine and the metallic scale outlines, it’s a striking design.


Marbled French

Long live the French mani. Here, Minerva designed a marble French tip using two-toned glitter for a modern and graphic look.


Mugler Dedication

Minerva writes that this nail design was inspired by prolific designer Thierry Mugler. The long, square acrylics were perfect for showing off the dynamic design.


Metallic Sheens

I’m obsessed with Fez’s grandma in general (seriously, can she get a spin-off?), but her nail looks are just *chef’s kiss.* These fabulous designs are so fitting for this character.


Trippy Nail Art

Minerva describes these nails as “psychedelic purple sheers.” A light lavender base with white circular designs make for a mesmerizing manicure.


Heart Accent

Cassie was all sorts of chaotic during Maddy’s birthday party, so you might’ve missed her cool nail art. Minerva spiced up her burgundy manicure with a bejeweled accent nail.

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