Eyeliner Stickers Are The Easiest Way To Get Instant Euphoria Eyes

You may want to pick some up now...

Eyeliner stickers instantly create a graphic makeup look, even if you lack skills. Here, how to Simi...
Olivia Rose Ferreiro

When it comes to makeup (and most things in life, really), I’m generally a less is more advocate — especially with regards to curating a quick and easy beauty routine that I can count on each and every day. For me, those routines typically look like effortlessly dewy skin, lots and lots of cream blush, a full brow, a muted wash of rosy color on the lids, a quick swipe of mascara, and pouty but subtle lips by way of brown-toned lip liner and some pink gloss.

But even as a loyalist to all things minimal and naturally soft glam, I also happen to be a massive Euphoria stan who occasionally wants to experiment with epic, statement-making eye looks that give off those iconic Maddy Perez vibes (I can’t be the only one obsessed with Alexa Demie). That being said, it’s not all that easy to create perfectly mirrored eye art, with a steady and sure hand that only comes with lots and lots of practice ... so instead — I opted to explore the world of eyeliner stickers (AKA Euphoria-inspired eyes made easy).

Just in time for those carefree summer nights out and the release of much-anticipated festival lineups, here’s the real tea on the trendy makeup accessories.

PaintLab Eye Stickers

After going through my daily glam routine, I decided to finally try PaintLab’s Eye Stickers — in particular, the holographic hue within the Pussycat sticker pack. Easily peeling the stickers from the sheet, I began to carefully place each one on my lids (that were still somewhat tacky from cream product topped with an ultra-light dusting of soft pink powder).

Olivia Rose Ferreiro

To my surprise — they immediately elevated an otherwise simple look. After taking a bit of time to figure out exactly where the sticker should be placed, it ended up laying quite flat on my eye, with a comfortable, barely-there feel.

That being said, I had a difficult time with the thin inner corners of the stickers, finding that they were lifting soon after they were placed. For truly long-wear looks, I highly recommend reinforcing those trouble areas with a bit of clear lash glue — and perhaps tucking the life-saver in your purse just in case you need a quick touchup throughout the night.

Hailey Bieber in Simihaze eyeliner stickers.Instagram/@haileybieber

Overall, it’s not a typical look I’d recreate often — but PaintLab made the trend easy and fun to play with. For those who want to be more daring on the daily, or perhaps have a fun event on the horizon worthy of an amped up, eye-catching look — I recommend giving them a try.

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